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What Everybody Can Learn From the Best Written V2 Cigs Review

Andy Gray has published yet another best written V2 cigs review – or to put it more appropriately, in video format. This is not surprising considering that product reviews in video format are usually more effective than their written counterparts for many reasons – more audience engagement, more information in a few minutes, and more action in terms of actually using the product, among others. And speaking of more information in a few minutes about the product and more action in its usage, here are a few pieces of the most useful information gained from watching the video product review.

Generous Coupon Code

It must first be noted that using e-cigarettes as substitutes for conventional cigarettes results in substantial monetary savings, not to mention the health benefits of the substitution discussed below. Skipping on the calculations, you will be able to save $28.50 ($36 – $7.5) with the comparison based on 5 packs.

But to sweeten the deal, Gray in his best written V2 cigs review also offers interested individuals to save more money on the product by using a special coupon code provided by the manufacturer itself. The coupon code – AndyG15 – can be used to avail of a 15% discount on every purchase of a starter kit from V2, said discount of which can also be used in conjunction with any storewide discounts. The result: More savings!

Wide Range of Starter Kits

And speaking of starter kits, the V2 manufacturers provide for a wide range of starter kits for interested individuals to choose from. Each starter kit comes with the basic accessories to start vaping, as the action of dragging and puffing on an e-cigarette is called, including the battery, flavor cartridges, express charger, and user manual, to name a few.

Gray in his best written V2 cigs review also points out such a fact. He, however, did not discuss in depth the types of starter kits available from the official V2 website so let’s take a brief look at all of these kits, namely: (The items may not include everything that comes in the box; check the official website for more details)

  • V2 Beginners Kit with 1 battery, 6 flavor cartridges, and 1 express charger
  • V2 Standard Kit with 2 batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, 1 each of the wall adapter and smart charger, and 1 manual
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit with the same items as the Standard Kit but with the addition of a portable charging case
  • V2 Couples Kit is obviously designed for 2 individuals; it comes with 4 batteries, 20 flavor cartridges, and 2 each of the wall adapters and smart chargers
  • V2 Ultimate Kit has 3 batteries, 25 flavor cartridges and the chargers; think of it as the best kit in the line albeit the most expensive one but with the 15% discount from the best written V2 cigs review , it will be more affordable.

Excellent Quality

What makes the V2 brand of e-cigarette stand out from the rest of its competition? Let’s look at the reasons:

  • Quality Control – All of the components of the e-cigarette as well as the e-liquids are tested at strategic points of the manufacturing process to ensure that, indeed, these comply with the strict standards of internal quality control.
  • Compliance with packaging regulations. Unlike most brands of e-cigarettes, V2 e-cigarettes are packaged in such a way as to comply with the strict packaging laws in the country. The labels are printed with warnings for minors, for the addictive quality of nicotine, and the flavors, among others.
  • Wide range of flavors. Name the flavors you want and you will most likely find these flavors –Red for American tobacco blend, Congress for smooth tobacco blend, and Sahara for Turkish blend; Menthol, Peppermint and Mint Tea for the menthol flavors; and vanilla, chocolate and coffee for specialty flavors, to name a few.

And credit to the author of the best written V2 cigs review in saying that he is in no position to be giving out health advice for smokers and non-smokers. Ultimately, the decision to use or not to use V2 e-cigarettes lies in the hands of customers.

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