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iPhone 5s Jailbreak: Facts for Beginners to Know

Even the iPhone 5s, the latest in the legendary string of smartphone from Apple, has its drawbacks that enthusiasts want to overcome. What better way to do so than an iPhone 5s jailbreak?

But before you embark on a do-it-yourself project in jail breaking the Apple smartphone, here are a few facts that you must know about it. Since you have already made a substantial investment in the smartphone, you will want to protect it by acquiring reliable information about the risks and benefits of jailbreaking. Although the process has been considerably streamlined and simplified in recent years because of the jailbreakers’ experience, it is not something that can be undertaken so easily without taking on risks.

Protected by a Walled Garden

Apple is well-known – notorious, more than a few will say – for its obsessive control over its software, applications, and gadgets. Just how obsessive is it? All of its hardware is designed to operate only with its approved software and nothing else.

Call it a “walled garden”, if you will, because Apple has a virtual lockdown on its hardware. Any and all third-party applications that do not meet its stringent requirements are completely blocked off from installation, no questions asked and no answers given.

The result: Many of the potentials that the iPhone 5s possesses within its walled garden remain locked.

Getting Around the Walls

But a iPhone 5s jailbreak provides the opportunity to unlock these potentials in more ways than one. Like a real jailbreak, it involves getting around the tightly-locked system and breaking through the wall of the lockdown technology Apple has installed on the smartphone.

The result: You can use your iPhone 5s in a similar way as an Android device, which has infinite capabilities depending on the third-party applications installed on the device. You will then be able to do virtually anything and everything with your smartphone, thus, letting you enjoy the best value for your money.

Getting around the “walled garden” requires the application of three main ways.

  • You can cook your smartphone into your personal computer and then running a specialized software solution.
  • You may log into a dedicated website and then install its third-party application.
  • You can also let a professional perform the work just so you will have the best results instead of wrestling, so to speak, with the technical aspects of the job.

Which of these iPhone 5s jailbreak methods is the best one? It depends on your skills in dealing with the installation of third-party application and with following technical instructions. If you are in doubt, then a professional jailbreak is your best bet.

Enjoying the Benefits

The main benefit in jailbreaking the iPhone 5s is unlocking performance upgrades in the best smartphone in the market today. You have greater control over its customization so much so that you can literally squeeze every last drop of excellent performance from your smartphone.

Aside from your already-existing access to the regular performance capabilities of your iPhone 5s, you will also have additional benefits. Think of nearly-instant access to Wi-Fi settings and network settings as well as the ability to “create” customized gestures for everything you can think of.

Indeed, the benefits of iPhone 5s jailbreak make it one of the most popular after-sales services today!

But there must be a disadvantage to the process. Yes, there are disadvantages included the possibility of voiding the warranty and of impairing its functionality.

But even such disadvantages can easily be reversed with a simple action. You can follow a simple restoration process on iTunes, thus, bringing the iPhone 5s to its factory settings.

So, do you want to jailbreak your iPhone 5s and unlock all of its hidden potentials? Of course, you want to, but be sure that the application you will be using is, indeed, configured for an effective and efficient iPhone 5s jailbreak.

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