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How to Find the Perfect Office

What does it take to find that perfect office space? An office space is much more than just a place for your employees to work together. A good office atmosphere is important too because your workers have to get along, stay motivated, and be productive. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right office.

Location is an important aspect of finding the right office space. You want to be close to the financial district of the city. You want a building that is modern, with lots of room for your employees and equipment, as well as space to grow into. You also want a space that has plenty of bathrooms, as well as a break room and conference spaces. You also want your building to be close to transit locations, bus stops, rail services, as well as parking. Having a designated parking area for the building is a necessity. While there are going to be some that come in by bus or train, most people will want to drive to work. It is bad enough having to fight commuter traffic without having to deal with finding a parking space too. Having designated parking also increases productivity, because your employees aren’t having to constantly refill meters, or change spaces to avoid tickets. Having a designated parking space is also more secure, because garages are usually gated and have attendants.

These are another consideration when choosing the right location. This is convenience. You should be close to restaurants or delis that deliver food so that your employees can either have food delivered to their offices, or are close enough to go to lunch and have time to get there, eat, and get back in time. While there should be some fast food restaurants available, there should also be establishments that are also more upscale, so that business meetings can be held here over lunch or dinner. After a long day at the office your employees may want to have couple of drinks or party before going home. A few good bars or clubs should be available within walking distance.

You have a few choices when it comes to obtaining office space. One of them is to buy your building outright, or to lease it. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Buying is the most expensive, because of your location. Downtown or the financial districts of a city is prime real estate, and you’re going to have to pay more. You can remodel the office however you want to, but all has to be up to code, and you also have to check with the city if your building has historical value. While you have a valuable piece of real estate, the commercial real estate market can be just as variable as the housing market. You also have to consider where your business is going. If you see yourself in the same location a decade from now, buying may be a good decision. If your business is in transit, you may want to consider leasing instead.

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