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Primer for Parents About Invisible Orthodontists

Let’s first clarify that the invisible orthodontists referred to here are neither individuals equipped with the power of invisibility nor dentists with the capacity to make crooked teeth disappear in an instant. Instead, the invisible orthodontists referred to here are trained dental specialists who use the so-called invisible braces known as Invisalign for the realignment of crooked teeth.

Interested individuals especially parents can contact The Invisible Orthodontist for their children’s needs and wants in invisible braces. Keep in mind, too, that these products can also be used on adults for the treatment of their crooked teeth in the same way that young kids, teenagers and young adults can benefit from their use. Here are a few things to remember before doing so.

The Job of an Orthodontist

All orthodontists aid in straightening the teeth, improving the bite, and keeping the jaws aligned, all of which are essential in good dental health and good smile appearance. Although most patients come to orthodontists to have their teeth straightened, which in itself is a desirable result, the most important result of orthodontic treatment using invisible braces is the improvement of the bite.

This is because a bad bite can increase the risks for abnormal grinding and clenching when talking, chewing, and even just keeping the mouth closed, not to mention the unseemly appearance. Malocclusions, which can either be underbites or overbites, result in higher risks for tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss mainly because the overlapping teeth are tough to brush and floss. This is also true for crooked or crowded teeth.

Furthermore, orthodontists are also dentists but their specialization lies on the above mentioned functions. General practice dentists should ideally refer patients in need of orthodontic treatments to orthodontists for the best results.

The Right Time to Visit an Orthodontist

With or without crooked teeth and/or misaligned bite, children must see an orthodontist by the age of 7 because their jaws are still developing. Keep in mind that, as with most dental health issues, it is best to catch orthodontic issues as early as possible and, thus, minimize the complications and costs.

The average age of young patients inside an orthodontist’s office is 9 to 14 years old while adults are between 26 to 44 years old. But individuals in their 60s and 70s have also been known to undergo invisible braces treatment for the same reasons as their younger counterparts – to correct malocclusions and, therefore, enjoy good dental health and good smile appearance.

The bottom line: Bring your child for a visit with the Invisible Orthodontist on or before he/she turns 7 years old. You should also have your teeth checked for possible problems while you are accompanying them so as to maximize the time.

The Invisible Braces Explained

Braces are closely associated with the so-called metal mouth for obvious reasons – a patient’s mouth is filled with metal braces with colored rubber bands glued on to his/her teeth. Many individuals consider these metal braces as a necessary evil for a killer smile.

But your kids can skip on the physical and mental trauma of wearing metal braces with Invisalign! It consists of a series of clear, customized and virtually invisible aligners that will gradually move the misaligned teeth into their desired position. Its smooth, comfortable and clear plastic means no metal poking at your kid’s gums and inside of cheeks, thus, allowing him/her to eat his favorite food.

Unlike metal braces glued onto teeth, Invisalign braces can be removed at will. For example, if your child has to brush and floss his teeth, then he can remove his braces for convenience and then return the orthodontic appliance after his hygiene activities.

Other features of Invisalign braces at theinvisibleorthodontist’s website include blue compliance indicators, especially-designed braces for specific teeth, and individual replacement aligners in case of loss. Suffice it to say that Invisalign is the best investment for your child’s good dental health!

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