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Mixero: The Tweetdeck Killer?

When we reviewed Tweetie few weeks ago, we mentioned how it can be difficult to come up with unique ways to interact with twitter given that the same limited API options are available to all client developers. Boy were we wrong. When we tried out Mixero, not only did we get a unique twitter experience we actually enjoyed it very much.

Mixero is still in beta and you will need to ask for an invite in order to use it. You will get a unique Code which can be used for one account only. We asked one of developers if Mixero will be a free client or a commercial. He told us that the current version (which is a private beta) with all its features will be available as free for everyone. No words on future plans.

From my limited experience with Mixero I got the impression that this is a suitable client for either very active twitter user or someone who follows a lot of user. The main idea behind Mixero seems to be to streamline massive amount of twitter feed update in the most organized way possible without overwhelming the user.

To highlight someone of the main features of Mixero:

> Activelist: Goes beyond having a list of groups (also available) which can be used to filter out updates you actively follow. Groups, users and channels can be included in an active list.

> Channels: A real-time twitter search feed on topics you are interested in. You can configure unique icons for each channel.

> Filter: Filter group and user timeline with certain keyword.

> SmartPreview: Preview pictures (twitpic and flickr) and video (youtube) within the client.

> URL + AutoCompletion: You can mouse over a shorturl to see the actual URL, very useful to avoid spam links. Also autocompletes username from your follower’s list and auto shorten URL as you type.

Pros: For power users this client is godsend. This client is very extensive in features and perhaps the most organized and intuitive client I have used so far. An iphone client will be out soon which can be synched with desktop client, this is a major plus. Since its and Adobe air client, it supports all major platforms.

Cons: Its hard to criticize a client that does so much. But because it does so much it might not be a suitable option for everyone. For non-power users this client can be a bit overwhelming and perhaps a bit confusing. I know twitter users who gets confused with single panel clients, with multiple movable panels they will go bonkers.

Our short review doesn’t do justice to the amount of options and features Mixero has, so make sure to check out video demo on their site.

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