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Student Attendance System

Monitoring student attendance can be made easy by installing one of two different types of systems available. Both of these systems are able to capture not only the attendance of the students but also any other kind of information required. Installing a reliable and trustworthy student attendance system will allow for the daily monitoring of attendance numbers, thus enabling the institution to quickly and efficiently determine when students are not attending lectures. This will enable the institution to divert the possibilities of students dropping out as intervention will be immediate. It is also a good way to determine which areas may require more staff in attendance. A program an be installed on request which will automatically send a report via email to more than one address indicating a student that has perhaps had multiple cases of non-attendance.

What are the advantages of having a student attendance system?

The institute has immediate access of proof of attendance, most helpful in cases where student financing is an option or the course stipulates a minimum attendance rate in order to complete. Students have to access the lecture facility or any other facility which they may have to attend by using their student identity card which has their identity numbers on them. This information is then recorded automatically. Should a student not be attending or handing in assignments, this information is readily available and can then be used in the positive manner of assisting the student in maintaining attendance in order to successfully complete the course.

Where there has been no attendance due to a last minute change in the timetable or the venue, this can be detected and prevented in the future by better administration management.

The student attendance system enables optimum performance levels to be made achievable at higher education facilities.

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