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Habits or Addiction?

Do we have a lot of bad habits, or are these addictions? Some people have some really nasty habits, such as picking their nose, but is nose picking an addiction? There are many habits we have that aren’t considered addictions, but some of these habits can turn into addictions if left unchecked. While we simply can’t talk about every single bad habit people may have, here are some of them and ways you can break them before they turn into addictions.

One of the biggest habits that Americans have is overeating. Snacking all the time, even when we aren’t hungry. It’s a dangerous habit, that can lead to all kinds of eating disorders. It is dangerous because snacking just for the sake of snacking can make you stop listening to your body’s natural hunger and fullness triggers. Not being able to listen to these signals can lead to food addictions, where you eat and eat even when you aren’t hungry, and this can cause a number of illnesses, heart disease, diabetes, and many others. This is even worse if you are a junk food addict, because these snacks are full of salt, fats, and even artificial ingredients that can really do your body even more harm.

You can and should reduce your snacking, with just a little determination. One way is that you need to learn to reconnect with your hunger, and fullness signals. When you are having a meal, don’t eat so much that you are stuffed. Wait as long as you can before you eat again, so that your body is hungry for food again. Eating smaller meals over the course of the day can help keep you from overeating, and help you maintain the proper weight. If you have to eat something, make sure it is healthier foods, like nuts, fresh fruit, etc.

What other bad habit goes right along with snacking? Being a couch potato. Those that are sitting back and watching television for hours on end are also snacking on potato chips, drinking sugary sodas, etc, and because they are not active, these empty calories are contributing to weight gain and of course, the same problems mentioned above. The lack of exercise also means that your muscles start to atrophy, and your bones become weaker. If this continues, all sorts of other problems can occur, muscle aches and pains, you are tired all the time, and you can be more susceptible to breaks and sprains.

It isn’t a bad thing to sit and watch television, it can be a relaxing way to destress from the day. You play some video games, watch a movie, whatever. You really need to limit yourself to only a few hours a day. In addition, if you want to play video games, play games that get you off the couch, use your Kinect, or other motion sensor platform, so that you are still enjoying your games, but are not just sitting there, only exercising your thumbs. There are many different kinds of games that get you off the couch and moving around. You also have to change your habits of just sitting there munching on snacks and watching television. Make it a habit of for every hour you sit in front of the TV that you get up and do something, like walking around the block, getting out with your kids and playing in your backyard, or down to the park. If you don’t have kids or it’s winter, exercise while you’re watching. Do jumping jacks, or sit ups, if you have an exercise bike or something, put it in the same room as your television. These simple changes can help prevent a lot of problems down the line.

One really bad habit that millions of Americans have is of course, overspending. We often spend so much that we get into debt. We use credit cards when we should be using cash or out debit cards, or just not spending at all. We take out loans to cover these cards, then have problems paying back all the loans and credit cards, it’s a vicious cycle. There are many reasons why overspending is really dangerous. One is that eventually we run out of money, and can’t afford to cover our bills. We start worrying about how we are going to pay these bills, put food on the table, pay for our kids’ school, or clothes. This can lead to many different mental and physical health problems. Depression, high blood pressure, drinking and smoking, overeating, the list goes on. Not only do some of these problems affect you, but everyone around you.

One thing you can do is to just stop overspending. Make up a budget, stick to it. If you don’t absolutely need it, don’t buy it. If you must buy something, make sure you get the best deal possible, the best warranty, the best service plan, etc. Comparison shop to get the most for your money.

Speaking of smoking, this is not just a habit, but a serious addiction, even worse than some illicit drugs. It is important to quit smoking for a number of different reasons. It is not only bad for you, but others around you who have to inhale that second hand smoke. This is why there are so many new laws against it, and why cigarettes in general are being taxed so much. However, the problem is that many people can’t just break the habit/addiction. Some people actually like smoking. Others have no other outlet for their stress and frustration.

There are healthier alternatives to smoking, especially for people who like to smoke, but don’t want all the health problems related to smoking. There are many kinds of different products for example cheap vaporizers that allow you the same sensation as smoking, without all the harmful side effects. One of them is the electronic cigarette. Another is the vaporizer. This is a device that uses electricity to heat tobacco or other substances to a point that they release their components in vapor form. The tobacco isn’t actually burned, so it doesn’t release any actual smoke, just oxidized vapor. There are no noxious gases, and you are not affecting anyone around you with secondhand smoke. If you are looking for more information, such as where you can get cheap vaporizers, you can go to Puffit Vaporizer at vaporizerdepot.com.

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