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Europeans have Realized the Importance of Health

European countries are doing a lot to encourage a healthier lifestyle and their efforts seem to be paying off. From having access to high quality healthcare to biking to work instead of driving a car, Europeans are embracing possibilities to stay healthy and to increase the quality of their life.

A healthy lifestyle depends on a range of important factors. If you want to learn from the European experience, you should make several beneficial changes right now.

European Life Expectancy
Some European countries like Switzerland and San Marino are among the ones that have the highest life expectancy in the world. The figure is currently set at 83 years, World Health Organization (WHO) reports.

High income levels, good education, clean environment, pure water and high quality healthcare have all contributed to the amazing scores. Additionally, people in Switzerland are generally positive and satisfied with their everyday existence. Nearly 82 percent of the people in Switzerland say that they have predominantly positive experiences rather than situations connected to anger, resentment or fear. This attitude, combined with the good living conditions, results in longevity.

Biking and Active Lifestyle
Many European countries are known for the fact that the bike is a main method of transportation. It is used to go to work, to school and as a leisure time activity.

Biking prevents traffic jams from occurring, it keeps nature clean and it is exceptionally beneficial. Individuals that are active tend to be healthier and fitter than everybody else. There is no need to go to the gym. Biking to work will be a better and much more entertaining form of exercise.

Eating High Quality Food
Many European countries are well known for their balanced and healthy diets. Mediterranean cuisine is just one example.

Many Europeans have started cooking using less sugar and salt. Saturated fats in the menu are also going down. Healthy meals consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. Cooking food instead of buying meals is a great way to control ingredients and to choose the healthiest possibilities.

Many people think that good nutrition is all about the quantities. The truth is that the types of foods play a role, as well. Eating smaller quantities of high quality foods will give you all of the energy and the essential nutrients that you need to be healthy and active.

Finding Ways to Deal with Unhealthy Habits
Though the number of smokers in many European countries is still high, many people are looking for the best way to quit. For example Dutch people changed to E sigaret. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are a great alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Electronic cigarettes contain pure liquid nicotine. There are no additives, chemicals, tar and carcinogenic substances. The e-cig is a great possibility for anyone who finds it difficult to quit cold turkey.

Decreasing the amounts of alcoholic beverages consumed will also be quite beneficial. A glass of high quality red wine every now and then is actually good for the health but alcohol consumption has to happen in moderation.

Finally, Europeans know how to relax and deal with chronic stress. This is one of the main factors contributing to their health and longevity. Many other nations can learn from the European example. Being diligent and focused during work hours is essential but finding outlets and enjoying high quality leisure time activities is also vital for having a balanced, healthy life.

A healthier lifestyle begins with a few basic changes. These could focus on cooking or on your level of activity. Having a positive attitude and the right kind of motivation will also result in satisfactory outcome. A healthier life starts with inner conviction and positivism.

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