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Getting Financial Services – Some Basics You Should Know


Integrity Financial Group (IGF) is a Florida-based financial services company offering a range of financial planning services from asset management, investment, and college planning to debt management, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. IFG is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that help individuals and families successfully navigate the murky waters of finance to achieve sound financial goals that guarantee a healthy future.

Core Services

One of the main reasons why IFG was created is the need for education or re-education in the financial services sector, something that was in short supply in the market. Among other services, IFG provides vital educational information through free workshops and seminars to equip clients with financial literacy that empowers them to make better financial decisions.

Other services offered by IFG include the following:

Basic financial management: This involves all aspects of your financial life working as one unit. IFG helps to harmonize individual aspects of your financial plans so that they work in tandem to achieve a greater financial goal.

Retirement planning: While this is a relatively new concept, it has become one of the core aspects of a sound financial plan. IFG helps clients put together a solid retirement plan depending on their current and prospective financial standing.

College planning: College is an important part of everyone’s life, so it’s understandable that it should be meticulously planned for. Unfortunately, many American families have no clue about where to start with their college planning. IFG provides comprehensive college planning to secure your child’s education.

Estate planning: You spend your entire life working to amass wealth and assets, so it’s only reasonable that you’d want your loved ones to make the most of that wealth when you’re gone. With the ever changing estate laws, it’s important to stay conscious about your estate and carefully plan for it to mitigate inconveniences for your beneficiaries in the future. Estate planning is one of the core services offered by IFG

Life Insurance: This is one of the most misunderstood areas in the financial services sector. Worse, most representatives that sell these services don’t fully understand what they’re about. IFG offers advice as well as various solutions for insurance and annuity. These are typically tailor made as every individual’s circumstances are different and, therefore, the value they can get from life insurance is different too.

Cash flow solutions: Managing cash flow has a huge impact on your financial planning. It is the basis for investment, saving, retirement, as well as big purchases. IFG helps clients master the vital concepts of cash flow so that they can be better positioned to accomplish their financial goals.

Why Choose IFG?

There are many benefits you stand to gain by getting financial services from Integrity Financial Group.

Firstly, if you hire a financial advisor, you want to be sure that they know what they are doing. IFG comprises some of the country’s most experienced and qualified brains in the financial services sector with several years of experience. Handling money is one area where experience is paramount. You want to be sure that your money is handled efficiently. It’s only the experience and expertise of IFG professionals that can guarantee efficient money handling.

Another advantage of IFG is that they will oversee your entire financial situation rather than just one aspect such as 401(k) retirement or cash flow management. As you search for a financial advisor, it will become apparent to you that many advisors specialize in a particular financial aspect and this doesn’t allow the flexibility to create a comprehensive financial plan to safeguard your future.

IFG employs the most transparent methods while creating financial plans for its clients. This helps to cultivate trust between clients and the company and this is a vital aspect of a successful working relationship.

Finally, IFG boasts of an impeccable reputation. Many financial scandals in recent history have exposed a number of unscrupulous firms that were supposed to be trusted business partners. However, you can count on the clean reputation and integrity of IFG to secure your future.

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