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Access Control Security Systems Explained

Some modern access control systems require the use of specified cards to gain access to a building. These are card access control systems. The cards used to access the system are basically the same as your credit card with the difference being that one requires swiping while the other does not (keyless swipe cards and contactless smart cards).

A card access control system allows home and business owners to better manage the security of their property as only authorized individuals are issued a card. The swipe cards have a magnetic strip that is loaded with some information about the individual. This ensures that attempts to use unauthorized cards to access the building are thwarted.

With a card access control system, managers can simply deactivate the card of an employee whose services were terminated, and is therefore no longer permitted to access the property. If the card reader fails to identify the information on the card it will not permit the individual to enter. It denies access by not allowing the door to open.

Modern Access Control Systems Facts

Here are a few facts about modern access control systems.

  • They can allow access to multiple doors within a building.
  • Modern systems have an Alarm Panel integration feature that enables them to control electrical devices, CCTV, elevators, temperature controls, lights, door locks, and gates.
  • A systems function can be expanded through the addition of programmable sensor inputs such as a Keypad, Biometric reader or card.

Reasons for Installing a Modern Access Control System

Modern access control systems are designed with the latest technological features that will always keep them one step ahead of the game. They offer business more security as they are harder to break through and serve as a deterrent to would be criminals.

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