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The Meaning of Flowers in Our Society

Floral arrangements can be used to say many things. They are a sign of love and respect. Flowers are used during special occasions, corporate events and everyday situations. When sending flowers to someone, do you wonder about the meaning of your message? Learning more about the language of flowers will provide this kind of information.

Meaning of Flowers
There has been a particular significance attached to each flower. In Western culture, these meanings change with time.

The definition is often connected to the appearance of the flower and the particular occasion that it is deemed appropriate for. There are even floral dictionaries you can use to learn what a bouquet is actually saying.

Red roses are one of the most typical symbols of love. Their saturated color and the thorns are associated with passion and intensity of feelings. This is why the red rose is especially suitable for lovers and people trying to make an open statement about their feelings.

Yellow roses are perfect for expressing friendship and respect. White roses and other white flowers are perceived as a symbol of purity and innocence. Such flowers are commonly used for wedding ceremonies because of the symbolism.

Other Ways to Read the Meaning of Flowers
The Society of American Florists has come up with several options for understanding the meaning of flowers. There are birth month flowers, state flowers and a detailed list of the meaning of each variety. Before choosing a bouquet from BloomThat San Francisco, you may want to check the list and understand the symbolism.

Here is interesting information about some of the most commonly used flowers. These are also available at BloomThat San Francisco, so once you make sure you are getting the right kind of message across, you can purchase the respective bouquet.

The azalea is a symbol of abundance. The begonia is the flower associated with deep thoughts and the camellia has long been a symbol of graciousness. If you want to express your gratitude to someone, you should consider sending pink carnations or pink roses.

Getting yellow chrysanthemums could mean that you have a secret admirer. Forget-me-nots have a pretty self-explanatory name. If you want a person to remember you forever, this is the flower to send. Iris is the symbol of inspiration and lilac symbolizes first love. These are just some of the meanings of flowers and if you are interested into making a more complex message, you can look for the symbolism hidden in other varieties.

Birth Month and Flower
Though the manner in which we communicate has changed a lot over the past decades, floral symbolism is still important. As already mentioned, you can choose a flower to deliver a particular message. Alternatively, you can pick the flower that corresponds to the birth month of the recipient.

Carnations are the flowers for people born in January. The violet corresponds to February, daffodil – March, daisy – April, lily – May, rose – June, delphinium – July, gladiolus – August, aster – September, marigold – October, chrysanthemum – November and the narcissus is suitable for people born in December.

Giving flowers as a part of the birthday gift is acceptable social etiquette and this tradition originated during the Roman Empire. Characteristics like the appearance, the color, the fragrance and the time during which the plant blossoms are all used to determine the birth month flower varieties.

These are just some of the most interesting ways to look at flowers and to make more meaningful selections. Some people are simply drawn to a particular variety or color and this is why they make the bouquet purchase. Looking into the meaning of flowers, however, will enable you to make deeper statements and to surprise the people you love.

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