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Why You Need a Good Malware Program

Lots of people are using the computer or some other internet connected device. They are using the internet for numerous reasons, social networking, searching and buying products and services, even working from home. Some people have their own online business, others are annexing work from an office. Adults and children alike are using the internet to play online games and for social networking. They are also using the internet to monitor activities at home while they are on the go with their mobile devices.

One of the biggest problems with using the internet is the problems you face while online. You can never be sure if a website is safe, infecting your computer and network with viruses, and spyware, as well as numerous other malicious programming. Then you have the advertisers. They fish your computer with cookies, tracking your online activities and targeting you with commercials and ads for products you commonly use.

There are many who use the internet to keep track of their finances. They are banking online, paying bills, checking their credit, and all of this is vulnerable to hackers surfing the internet looking for ways to steal personal information from them, whether it is where you bank, your passcodes, even your social security numbers. They can drain your bank account, max out your credit cards, and even apply for credit using your information.

So why are people still able to keep their information secure? Why can you shop with confidence, visit websites without having to worry about viruses and spyware being downloaded, slowing down your computer or even frying it. It’s mainly because of the many different software programs available that guard against all of this. You can buy software programs that detect websites that have issues, and warns you before you even go to the site. There are programs that constantly scan your activities, and even monitor websites you know in case a virus or other problem recently developed. There are also programs that will fix all the errors on your computer, rearrange programs to make your computer run smoothly, and does this all automatically, without you ever even knowing it.

So when it comes to this kind of software, what do you look for? There are so many different companies out there offering malware and antivirus software, each saying their products are the best. While there are some well known brands out there, many of these are missing important components. They may be able to get rid of your viruses, but they don’t do real time scanning for your computer. Some software are great for blocking malicious programs, but don’t scan your computer and fix viruses you may have already gotten.

Price is certainly another important factor when it comes to buying this software. You want to get the maximum protection without it costing a fortune. Here, another problem with many companies is that in order to get the full benefits of their software, you have to get and renew a subscription, and pay an annual fee, some of these can be as much as a hundred dollars a year. If you forget, you risk losing your subscription, and your computer may be immediately affected. There are of course companies that charge one price, without having to pay an annual fee on top of it. However, many of these are basic, and you may not get extra services that go above and beyond protection.

Until now. Now you don’t have to worry about searching the internet trying to find a good malware program that offers a number of services, but at one low price. What’s more you can get additional discounts for using their software. This site is called, malware-coupon.com. This company is even offering a malwarebytes coupon code so you can get 15 percent more off the already low price of $24.95.

You may be saying, why buy from this company as opposed to a name brand antivirus program? There are numerous reasons to use Malwarebytes.com. In addition to the low price, you only have a one time payment, and can be protected on any computer you own for life. You never have to worry about renewing a contract or losing your protection.

This is only the beginning. You get software updates automatically, forever. It performs real time scanning, preventing malware and viruses from even getting to your computer, all while in the background. It will even hold in quarantine any programs that you want to take a closer look at later. It will even automatically ignore specific threats or websites, so they can’t even be seen. If you don’t want anyone to see or mess with your settings, they are password protected. It will even get detect and get rid of programs designed to bypass your antivirus software, giving you complete peace of mind.

Even with all of this, this company also offers another important service. Let’s face it, you may be the most computer savvy person, but there is always going to be some time when you just can’t figure something out. There are customer service representatives on call, twenty four seven, on weekends and holiday, to scan your computer from their offices, often solving your problem from their end. This service is completely free with your Pro package.

Let’s face it, many people want to be able to check out a product before they buy it, especially when it comes to antivirus and malware software. Malwarebytes also offers a regular, free version that you can test drive before you buy the pro edition, so you can see for yourself all the benefits and services that this company offers. This is really the best guarantee offered. It is recommended that you use the Malwarebytes coupon code as soon as possible since this offer could change at any time.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should use the Malwarebytes coupon code to get your malware software. If you want total protection, real time scanning, automatic lifetime updates, then this company is the one to choose. It is true that only you can decide if this company is right for you, so it is expected that you will probably check around to make sure this product does what it says. You should also check with the costs of each of these programs, reading the fine print on annual fees, services offered, and customer service. You will find that you will probably come back to Malwarebytes.

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