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The Importance of Public Relations

Good public relations is important for many reasons. What is public relations or PR? It is communications between a company and the public, whether it be stockholders, the media, clients, and just about anyone the company deals with on an everyday basis. It is being able to keep these people informed about new advances, products and services. This can not only help people make better decisions when it comes to buying products, but also just to keep abreast on what is going on in a particular company.

Perhaps none is more important than in the field of technology. Technology companies are growing by leaps and bounds every day, and it is important that the public are informed on a regular basis. This way shareholders know where their money is going, what it is being used for, and if the company they are investing in is making a profit. There is also a great importance of public relations for the general public, because these are the actual bread and butter of a company. Sure investors are helping by putting money into research and development, creating and producing products or services, but without consumers buying these products or services, they are not going to be in business very long.

The importance of public relations for a company is also for the company itself. They need to know what their target audience wants and needs in order to keep up. Are they satisfied with their Ipad, for an example. Is their product performing up to their expectations? Is the screen big enough, the memory and speed satisfactory? Do they like to particular product or service overall? These are all important questions, because if your customers aren’t satisfied with your products, then they will go to a company that does.

Public relations can come in many different forms. It can come in announcements through the media, informing the public about new products, technologies, or services that are coming out soon. They can be in the form of emails to stockholders and even their clients to keep them abreast of what is going on in the company. It can come in the form of articles, news reports and even press releases. They also need to find out more information from their clients, how well they like the products and services offered, or the company in general. They could send out surveys, public opinion polls and even suggestion material so the company can stay informed on what their clients and even the public in general feels about them.

One perfect example of the importance of public relations is the company BP. They had a tragic oil spill from one of their rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. It pretty much devastated numerous businesses, killed or injured thousands of species of wildlife, and probably hurt the region as much if not more than hurricane Katrina. Their stockholders lost a lot of money, with many of them probably sold off their stocks, and the public was about ready to boycott the company altogether. However, through public relations, admitting their fault, showing that they were helping with the massive clean up, and putting money back into local businesses that were affected, they began to recover, and are now almost back to where they were before the accident.

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