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What to Consider When Hiring a White Collar Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney

Any citizens who find themselves in trouble with the law are going to need proper representation. Those who live in New York City can take solace in the fact the largest city in the United States is home to many of the nation’s very best lawyers. This is not to suggest in any way that hiring a lawyer based out of NYC automatically means the case is going to sway in a client’s favor. Scores of different facets must be taken into consideration when mounting the proper defense. The client does always have to do his/her par to select the right attorney. Whether the attorney is a NYC white collar lawyer or one who handles other types of cases, the right legal representation contributes significantly to the attorney being better served in the court system.

As a rule, you do need to hire the attorney who is best suited to litigate your particular case. Different attorneys are going to specialize in different areas of criminal defense. NYC white collar lawyers have one area of the law to focus on while drunk driving attorneys have another. The key for anyone who is facing serious charges and possible prison time would be to select the attorney who specialize in the area of law that the charges stem from.

Violent Crime

A person charged with a violent or aggravated crime is surely looking at possible prison time. Often, a violent crime comes with a collective of various different supporting charges. In some situations, there can be gray areas presenting mitigating circumstances or the basis for an outright acquittal. A person charged with assault may be able to make a credible case for self-defense. A person who has been falsely accused of sexual assault may be able to prove to a jury otherwise. These are not straightforward cases that any lawyer can mount a defense for. A great deal of knowledge, sophistication, and experience is required in order to successfully handle such a case.

For those clients who may find a not guilty verdict extremely difficult to acquire, there can still be options available. Plea agreements could be among the options and must be negotiated carefully by a legal expert.

White Collar Crimes

While white collar crime does not always get the same attention that violent crime does, this type of crime is no less serious. A person who is charged with embezzlement, identity theft, or fraud related to mortgages, computers, or credit cards may be looking at a lengthy prison sentence. Often, the sentence is going to be based on the number of counts of charges and these can add up. NYC white collar lawyers are the best legal experts to handle cases of this nature due to the unique concerns associated with such representation.

A certain level of sophistication is required in order to mount an effective defense against such crimes. The charges might even be on both the state and federal level. Clearly, the NYC white collar lawyer does have to be someone who is well versed in being able to handle a case no matter how the charges are being filed. As is the case with aggravated felonies, the attorney must be well versed in how to proceed with a case and do so in the best interests of a client.

Setting Up A Meeting with the Attorney

Once you have found an attorney that specializes in the type of crime you are being charges with, it is necessary to set up a meeting to discuss the case. The meeting is designed to help both the attorney and the client determine whether they are right for one another. The client does have to do his part during the meeting and be completely and fully honest with the lawyer. Only by doing this can the best and most effective defense be devised.

Clients also have to be realistic about the particulars of their case and the right defense strategy to employ. The client should never look for an attorney who is only going to tell him what he wants to here. The attorney must be fully honest in all areas related to the way the case is to be defended.

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