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Trendy Teenage Clothing Styles

Who makes up these ‘trendy’ teenage clothing styles? Do celebrities influence teens to wear a certain style of clothing, hair, or makeup? Sure they do. If a popular singer, movie star, or sports player changes their look, wears some new kind of clothes, certainly many teens who are following them on social media are going to try to emulate their style. Is this a good idea? It really depends on who the celebrity is. If they are popular because of good reason, then it’s okay to try to be fashionable like them, because they are showing a good example, and so you are too. However there are a lot of celebrities that are famous for the wrong reasons. They smoke and drink, drive recklessly, act irresponsibly, do stupid things. If you are imitating these people, what is that saying about you? Even if you’re nothing like this person, dressing and acting like them doesn’t show a good impression.

What are some of the popular teenage clothing trends these days? Light and airy dresses, skirts and shirts are coming back around to being popular. Shorter pants, also known as Capris are also being worn by a lot of young women. On the guys’ side, camouflage cargo pants and shorts are still trendy, but this type of camo has changed. Instead of the traditional woodland styles, computer pixels, bright colors, and jungle backgrounds are starting to become the norm. In a way teens are helping to recognize those that are serving in the military, but with their own flair. For shirts it’s hard to pinpoint on style or another. Some like less dressy button up shirts, others like the tried and true print shirts, dragons, smart alec sayings, animals, it really depends on the person.

Being a teen and looking for the best trendy clothing styles can be a little overwhelming. While you may want to emulate your idols, the truth is that at one point or another you have to branch out on your own, and find a style that’s unique to you. Another thing you need to consider is that if you are living at home, unless you have a job, your parents may not be able to afford the styles your favorite celebrities are wearing. Some of these outfits may cost hundreds of dollars, just for the shirt, or the pants or skirt. You may want to consider going online and trying to find a similar style that doesn’t cost that much. You’re parents will appreciate it, and you may get the same style you want anyway.

You don’t have to actually wear the clothing styles of your favorite people in order to let those around you know you like them. There are a lot of websites that offer prints with your favorite celebrities, favorite food or drink, even animals. You can stand out from the crowd by wearing unique cool socks. Sure you may wear open sandals, open toed shoes or flip flops during the summer, but when it starts getting cold out, almost everyone will be changing into socks and shoes. You can have your own unique clothing style by having socks that express your particular style.

If you are interested in finding out where you can buy these cool, unique socks, there is one site you can turn to. This is called, Odd Sox. This is a great online store, they have a wide selection of unique sock products. You can buy socks with The King, a popular rapper. You can find movie socks, hot guys and girls, even fast food restaurants. The prints on these socks are highly durable, as well as the materials themselves, so you can be sure they’ll last through many washings. Best of all these socks are affordable, at under $15.

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