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Tips for Importing vCard into iPhone

Copying your vCard files to an iPhone could be a terribly challenging task. There are many online tutorials and suggestions but some of them fail delivering the promised results. This article will let you transfer vCard to iPhone in an effort-free way.

What is vCard and What Information does It Contain?
The vCard is a digital business card file used to store important contact information. The vCard file contains a name, an address, a telephone number, URLs and even visual information like a logo or a photograph.

vCards can also contain video clips and other multimedia information. They support different languages, which increases their practical appeal across the globe. Many people rely on these files for the storage of important business information. vCard information can be exchanged online, via email, instant messages and SMS.

The vCard format was initially presented in 1995. The entity that introduced the concept was Versit Consortium – an entity consisting of Apple, IBM, AT&T Technologies and Siemens. Internet Mail Consortium got hold of the vCard ownership in 1996. Most email clients today support the vCard format and the commonly used extension for this kind of file is .vcf.

To import vCard to iPhone, you will have to complete a set of basic steps. There are several possibilities for the transfer and you can select the option that you find easiest and most practical.

Importing vCard Info to Your iPhone: Method 1
For a start, you need to import the vCard file into a mail agent like Gmail, Outlook, Windows Live Mail or another mail option that supports the file format.
Next, you will have to connect your iPhone to the computer. Go to iTunes. Open the Devices section and click on “Info.” There should be several boxes, including “Sync Contacts.” Check the box next to that option.

You will have to choose the service provider that you want to use for the synchronization of your contact information. Go to either Gmail, Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Go to “Apply” and to “Sync.” This is it – the process of transferring the vCard information to the iPhone should begin soon.

Importing vCard Info to Your iPhone: Method 2
There are several other possibilities that will let you transfer vCard to iPhone .

Keep in mind that the usage of a program like Outlook will make the process rather time consuming. You will get to import just one vCard at a time and only after it gets transferred to the iPhone will you be capable of moving on to the next one.

The usage of a third-party tool is an alternative to the traditional option involving iTunes. Wondershare MobileGo for iOS is one such third-party solutions that can be used for the importing of vCard files to an iPhone.

This software will eliminate the entire synchronization process. You will have to download it and connect the iPhone to the computer. Connecting the iPhone to the computer via USB cable will lead to its automatic detection by the program.

You can import contacts into the software or you can export them from it. Go to the contacts management page and select the location of your vCard file. Once the file is transferred, you can simply move it to your iPhone.

Both possibilities are suitable for the transfer of important contact information to your iPhone. Some people prefer the synchronization offered by iTunes, while others find the usage of third-party tools a simpler task. You can give both of the methods a try to determine which one is easier and more user-friendly.

vCard files contain important information that you probably want to have readily available on your iPhone. The transfer of vCard data is possible in two main ways. iTunes and third-party software programs are both viable possibilities. The selection of one option or another depends entirely on your personal preferences.

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