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E Cigarette: Parts and Passion

Looking for the best brand of electronic cigarette – that’s e cigarette, for short – should be easy considering the proliferation of online sites and conventional stores selling the product. But as with all products and services with health effects, interested individuals are well-advised to acquire reliable information about electronic cigarettes so as to determine whether these are, indeed, suitable for their lifestyle as well as needs and wants in a cigarette-like device. Here are a few things to know.

What the Parts Are

All electronic cigarettes are made from three basic parts, namely, a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery. These products may or may not appear similar to conventional cigarettes although it must be said that most customers prefer cigarette-like electronic cigarettes for aesthetic purposes. To be more specific about the features and functions of the typical parts of an e cigarette:

  • Cartridge

The cartridge is the visible part of the personal device, said part of which can be made from plastic, glass or metal shaped into a tube akin to a conventional cigarette. It has openings at each end – one end serves as the mouthpiece while the other end emits the vapor. It also allows the e-liquid to pass from the reservoir to the atomizer and the resulting vapor to the user’s mouth without causing any leakage.

Did you know that a single cartridge will contain e-liquid equivalent to 20 cigarettes?

  • Atomizer

The atomizer, which usually consists of a wicking metal mesh and a simple filament setup, has a small heating coil used to vaporize the e-liquid. It is placed at the center of the e cigarette – the battery at one end and the cartridge at the other end.

In many setups, the cartridge and atomizer are combined into a single unit, which is then called a cartomizer. Keep in mind that the atomizer will eventually wear out and, hence, must be replaced for the unit to function as expected.

  • Battery

The battery is obviously the power source for the entire unit. It may either have an electronic airflow sensor for automatic switch on or a power switch for manual operation. It usually has LED activation light to signal the start of vaping, as the use of e cigarette is called since no smoke, just vapor, is generated.

The e-liquid is the liquid formulation used in place of dried tobacco leaves when using electronic cigarettes. It may or may not contain a liquid nicotine concentrate in varying strengths from mild to extra strength. It is usually sold as part of a brand-new kit or as refills in bottles and/or disposable cartridges.

In many ways, any electronic cigarette resembles a conventional cigarette in its parts as well as its ease of use but there are also several differences that can make or break the health of its users.

Why the Passion for It

Why then is an e cigarette preferable over a conventional cigarette? Let’s look at a few of the reasons.

  • No dried tobacco leaves, just e-liquid

Health experts have strongly advised against smoking tobacco cigarettes including cigarettes and cigars because dried tobacco leaves contain dozens of carcinogenic substances including formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic and tar, among other. The adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes are well-established.

In contrast, an e cigarette is fueled, so to speak, by e-liquid – a liquid formulation containing relatively safe ingredients including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. Plus, e-liquids come in several flavors including chocolate, cherry and vanilla, thus, improving on the user experience. Unpleasant smells on the mouth, hair and clothes can be significantly lessened while the adverse health effects of smoking can be mostly avoided.

  • Yes to puffing and dragging without the lighting of matches

An electronic cigarette also provides similar sensory experiences as conventional cigarettes. Users can drag and puff on the mouthpiece, hold the e-cigarette between the fingers, and enjoy the vapor wafting in the air.

With all these reasons to love an e cigarette, it’s no wonder that most, if not all, who shift from smoking to vaping never look back.

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