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Psystar Steals Open Source Bootloader and Sells it for $50

Until today I sympathize with Psystar for helping spread OS X to non-apple hardware. Even though I personally own apple computers, I support the effort of giving me the option of installing OSX on other computers. I should be able to install OSX on most hardware the same way I can install Windows 7 (and Linux).

It is important to note that Psystar didn’t “invent” or “discover” the method of installing OSX on non-apple hardware. They simply used information that are already freely and widely available for everyone – refined it and sold you the preinstalled OSX on non-apple computer. You can do the same without having to buy a computer from Psystar, just follow instruction available for hackintosh computers.


But now Psystar is selling a bootloader which is primarily based on someone else’s work. No credit was given or permission asked to use the code and sell it as a closed-source commercial product.

What does Rebel EFI (pc_efi v8) bootloader do? It helps you to install OSX on your PC and makes the process much easier without having to go through the difficult process of installing a hackingtosh computer. It fools your OSx installer in to thinking that the hardware is an apple computer.

Psystar needs to learn that if they are trying to portray themselves as little guy fighting the big corporation, they need to stop acting like a big corporation.

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