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5 Amazing HTML5 Features to Look Forward to

Work on HTML 5 started in 2004 and even after 5 years of work we are no where close to having a final draft. According to the co-editor of HTML 5, Ian Hickson, we might have to wait till 2022 for the final proposed draft of HTML 5. But thats no reason to be discouraged, HTML 5 will be a major improvement over previous markup so changes are likely to come in small increments. Since the release of the first draft in 2008, most major browsers (yes including IE8) implemented some of the features proposed in this draft and it is already generating a lot of interest from developers. Today we will look at 5 of these exciting HTML 5 features and its implementation.

1) Web Workers: Think of it as Hyper-Threading for web browsers. Separate background threads are used to do processing without effecting the performance of a webpage. This can be very useful for web applications which relies on heavy scripts to perform functions (among other things). Firefox 3.5b has the best implementation of this proposed features. Opera and Safari also supports some elements of this feature.

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