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Must-have Defensive Driving Skills Teens Must Learn

Arguably, teenagers have the highest risks of getting into accidents like collisions due to several factors – too many distractions like texting and checking messages, too much hormones, and too much excitement behind the wheel, among other reasons. But there are certain steps that teenagers – and their parents, for that matter – can take in order to lessen the risks of getting into accidents and, hence, of dealing with Gaithersburg auto collision specialists.

But if there is a collision, it is best to call in the auto collision specialists like Euro Pros Auto Body for appropriate action on the vehicle. Otherwise, the car can become worse in form and function than it was before the collision happened! Keep in mind that you want your beloved vehicle in good shape after the auto body professionals have done their magic on it.

Think Safety

Safety is a must when it comes to driving for good reasons – many accidents occur because basic safety precautions have been overlooked. Lock your doors. Wear your safety belt even when driving just a short distance. Check your car’s tires, oil and brakes especially before driving over long distances.

Most importantly, drive with safety in mind even when the traffic seems slow. You cannot be too careful when driving a 700-pound vehicle so it is best to keep within the speed limits; there’s a reason why speed limits are enforced by the police.

Stay Focused

Many customers of Gaithersburg auto collision specialists share a common aspect – their failure to stay focused on the road. You will be distracted by so many things in and out of the car – mobile phones, television shows, large billboards, passing scenery, and unruly passengers, among others.

You must lessen these distractions so that you can pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Scan the road conditions every 30 seconds. Be on the lookout for aggressive drivers as well as for pets, pedestrians and bicyclists along the road.
  • Check your mirrors as frequently as possible. Adjust the mirrors, too, if necessary and always remember that many mirrors are designed to show objects nearer than they actually are in relation to your car.
  • Avoid aggressive drivers by slowing down or pulling over. It’s better to be late to an appointment than to be considered late (i.e., deceased).
  • Stop texting and checking messages, making and taking calls, and playing with your mobile phone, among other devices. Even talking on the phone with an earpiece increases the risks for accidents – and dealing with Gaithersburg auto collision specialists will be the least of your concerns.
  • Agree with your passengers to keep distractions to a minimum so that you can concentrate on driving. Unruly behavior including fights should be avoided at least until after everybody is safe on the ground.

Being alert to your surroundings when behind the wheel means making appropriate reactions to the actions of other drivers. Yes, you should be considerate of other drivers but you must also look out for yourself lest you become involved in an accident of your own making. You must plan your moves by anticipating the worst-case scenarios.

Follow the 4-second Rule

Keep in mind that the greatest risk for a collision is the vehicle in your front. As such, it is best to follow the 4-second rule when establishing the safest driving distance between your vehicle and the car on your front.

But remember that the 4-second rule only applies to normal driving conditions (i.e., good weather). You should then increase your following distance by a second or a couple of seconds under bad weather conditions or when driving at night or following a motorcycle or truck.

When an accident still happens despite your defensive driving precautions, you should always choose the best auto collision specialists to bring back your vehicle’s former glory. You may even find that your beloved car looks more beautiful after the bodywork is finished!

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