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Five Must-have Elements of Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshow displays are intended to showcase the company’s products and services, encourage target customers to check out the wares, and purchase the merchandise, among other sales and marketing goals. But these goals will remain just that – goals that have not been achieved if and when the displays have not been designed incorporating the following five must-have elements.

Attractive Visuals

First impressions rarely come with second chances. This is true of trade show displays wherein crowds of customers have plenty of choices from among several competitors. The most attractive displays will obviously garner the most attention from customers, which is the primary objective of these marketing tools in the first place.

The best rule when it comes to graphics on tradeshow displays: Keep it simple yet bold with clear images that communicate the message in a few seconds. Keep in mind that the more direct the storytelling aspect as manifested in the fonts, words and images on the display, the more focused the customers’ attention will be and the more effective the communication of the story will be, too.

Prominent Branding

There are good reasons that custom exhibit design displays are popular among companies – these products allow their brands to be prominently printed on the displays. Keep in mind that branding is important in the success of the business – your brand differentiates it from the competition, encourages positive images of your products and services in the minds of your customers, and establishes your position in the market, among others.

The tradeshow displays must then prominently feature the company brand including its name, logo and slogan. Tip: Place these elements in the header portion of the displays where trade visitors expect to find them.

Effective Headline

When your custom exhibit design display has attracted the attention and encouraged positive vibes among customers, the next step is to sustain the momentum – or hold their attention so that the brand’s message can be communicated in-depth.

Create an effective headline – straightforward in its message, easy to remember, and brief in its use of words. Most customers will have little time to read a lengthy headline especially in a venue full of displays in all sizes, shapes and colors. Keep it simple but memorable!

Tips: Use bold fonts that can be seen even from a distance. Use readable typeface. Keep the words to a minimum without sacrificing your message; your slogan will suffice for the purpose with perhaps a call to action.

Descriptive Description

Tradeshow displays are not exactly the proper venue to provide target customers with all of the information about the company’s products and services. These are not brochures containing technical specifications, customer reviews and the like so be very careful about cramming the displays.

Tips: Keep the description to 2 sentences, max. make each word count. Use bullet points. Avoid becoming too technical in the description. Adopt the less is more approach.

Note: Copywriters are the best resource for this purpose. Be sure to test the copy before printing it on the display, thus, ensuring the best value for the money.

Feature Contacts

But the purpose of tradeshow displays should not stop here. Customers should be provided with effective ways to act on their desire to purchase the products and/or patronize the services. Otherwise, the transition from marketing to sales will most likely not happen.

The best way to make the transition – add details of contacts possibly alongside call the action. The full website name, the email and physical addresses, and the contact numbers should also be printed on the displays, thus, providing customers with several avenues of communication in the future.

When all of these five elements come together in tradeshow displays, these sales and marketing tools will be so much more effective and efficient in tier purpose. Experimenting with the fonts, typeface and colors as well as the logo and message is then a must until the right combination can be achieved.

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