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Facts of Life of the Great American DJ

Because of the popularity of disc jockeys like Tiesto, many an individual has aspired to become a great American DJ but may have little to no idea where to start. Many aspiring DJs will even be discouraged by the apparent indifference people have toward DJing as a career while many more will plunge into the field with little knowledge coupled with plenty of bravado.

Here then are the facts of life that aspiring DJs will want to know in order to start their careers on the right foot.

It’s a Job

Contrary to popular notion, the job of a DJ is not all about glitz and glamour, good times and good company in parties, and good pay for little work. It is a job with all the attendant roles and responsibilities that come with any job in the media and entertainment industry.

DJs are required to work for the money, too, especially as most of them work on a per-contract basis while many will work as house DJs for nightclubs, bars and hangouts. Clients will understandably demand satisfactory, if not excellent, services for the money paid especially during occasions when music forms an integral part of the proceedings from an American DJ.

And because it is a job, professional DJs must be committed, dedicated and determined to the do the best job for every gig. Hard work is a must in most areas of the job – when meeting clients to discuss the play list, when mixing the tracks in order to get the house on its feet, and when judging the reaction of the crowd to the music, among others.

It’s a Passion

But becoming a great American DJ also demands passion for the art. Yes, indeed, DJing is an art in itself considering that music and dance are art, too, so the most successful DJs like Tiesto are great artists with their medium being the turntable, the speakers and the lights.

Without passion in your blood for DJing, you will soon find yourself being burdened by the demands of the job. Your music will almost immediately reflect your attitude toward the art – for example, boring beats as a reflection of your boredom on the job.

Why passion for the art of DJing? Keep in mind that music is always in a state of constant change with genres blending into unique fusion and then separating into distinct styles. Such constant change requires always staying on your toes, even always striving to be the trend setter, not the trend follower.

Look at the likes of Tiesto. Their passion for their craft and for their music has made them ultra-successful with their fans packing it in concert venues, both indoors and outdoors. Even their interviews are filled with statements about their passion for music, about how their passion started when they were just youngsters, and about how their passion continues to inspire them toward greater heights of music.

Passion – either you have it as a great American DJ or you don’t have it! Unfortunately, it is not something that can be bought and turned on with a switch like the best in American DJ lighting fixtures.

It’s a Learning Process

The most successful DJs have achieved their stature by always learning from others, always listening to others, and always teaching with others. Indeed, being a DJ is a learning process that should be undertaken with enthusiasm because it is the best way to learn, re-learn and un-learn.

Why the emphasis on learning even among the most accomplished DJs? Again, constant change comes into the picture – changes in the technology, changes in audience taste, and changes in the trends, for example. An aspiring American DJ who fails to learn, re-learn and un-learn according to the changes will find himself swept under the rug, so to speak.

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