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Can Technology Improve Employee Engagement? Let`s Find Out

There are many different kinds of employee engagement ideas. What really is employee engagement and what are some of the benefits? Well in order for employers to improve their business, they need as much feedback from their employees as possible. They need to know which departments are weak, which ones are strong, and how well production or sales are going. This way they have a better idea of what’s going on, and where improvements can be made. In addition, this really is one of the best ways to find out who is working hardest, so they can promote them if necessary.

This can benefit businesses in many ways. One of the biggest problems some businesses have is that some of their employees may not feel they are being heard. If they have problems in their department, or want to make suggestions to help improve operations, they often feel these concerns and comments are falling on deaf ears. However, on the other hand, if an employee knows their boss is listening to them, they are far more likely to do the best job they can. They know they are appreciated, and it reflects in their work. Employees that don’t feel appreciated will often start seeking employment elsewhere, and the business will be losing out on a valuable asset.

If you are interested in some great employee engagement ideas , here is one of the best found so far. It is simply called 15Five and while fairly simple, will improve your employees, as well as your business by leaps and bounds. Here is a simple explanation of what 15Five is all about, and some of the many benefits everyone, not just employers, can get out of it.

First of all, it’s fairly simple. Each week your employees spend about fifteen minutes writing out a report about their job or department. What experiences they have had over the week, what accomplishments, what challenges they have run into along the way.

It can also include suggestions or ideas they have, and what their feelings are for the week. It only takes fifteen minutes, and just around five for their employers to read.

These weekly reports are submitted to upper management personnel, or owners, who spend just a few minutes reviewing each one. With little or no effort they now understand a much more about their employees, and can praise them on a job well done or sit down with the individual to find out why they are experiencing problems and how they can help improve the situation for the better. In the case of upper management, they too write their own reports for their department and workers, submitting these to the head employer.

In the end, there are numerous benefits to this program. One is that employees feel they are getting heard, and receive the praise or rewards they deserve. There is much more communication all around, nothing is lost in email, and there are open discussions about everything concerning the business. Managers save a lot of time, since they get these reports on a regular basis, instead of having to go around and talk to each person individually. In the event of a problem, they can take care of it right away.

For bosses and owners, there are also many benefits. They get a good look at their company, their employees, and don’t have to spend a lot of time doing so. It allows them to know what each of their workers are doing, what they are capable of, and helps them reward those who deserve it, and help the ones that are having problems. It also keeps everyone in the company in the ‘loop.’ No one is left out, everyone feels better about themselves, and will work hard in the company.

Best of all, all the forms are simple to use, submit and read by anyone. It only takes a few minutes and the benefits are enormous. So if you are an employee and are interested in learning more about 15Five, then go to their website and get started right away.

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