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5 Useful Bookmarklets to Make Your Life Easier

For those who are not familiar with Bookmarklets, they are usually small snippets of JavaScript’s which can be saved as a link or bookmark and can be later used to perform certain actions by just clicking on the link. It works a lot like Firefox add-ons but without having to install anything – restarting your browser in the process and making your browser slower as you add more and more add-ons to your browser. Bookmarklets (or favlets for IE) can perform many useful functions that will make your life easier without having to go 2-3 steps to perform the same task.

To start using Bookmarklet in Firefox just drag and drop the bookmarklet link to your bookmarks toolbar. Its always a good idea to get bookmarklet from the original source, so we will just give you the link to their website or reputable source instead of embedding it here.




This bookmarklet lets you tweet (twat?) from the current website you are on and you can see what others are talking about that link. Its very useful for power tweeter users who likes to share a lot of links.
TBUZZ website.


2) All-In-One Video:

This is a great bookmarklet for people who finds themselves downloading videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Break and similar video sharing sites. Instead of using add-ons or third party apps that will make you take several steps to download a video. This bookmarklet will take you to download link for both flv and Mp4 format, with a single click.
All-In-One Video Bookmarklet Website.

3) Readability:

Don’t you just hate ads? Even on this site! meh. Readability is a very useful bookmarklet from the same guys who made TBUZZ. Its one of my favorite bookmarklets that formats a website in to simple text on plain background that is easy on your eyes to read. Specially useful if you like reading long articles.
Readability Website.

4) Gmail This:

Like to share links by email? Just click on this bookmarklet and it will take you to your Gmail with the link on the email draft. Assuming you are logged in to your Gmail account.
Get Gmail This bookmarklet.

5) Google Site Search:

Some silly websites, like this one, doesn’t have any search functions available for readers, so your next best option is Google search. There is a bookmarklet for that too. Instead to going to Google and manually typing in site search syntax this bookmarklet prompts you for the keyword and does the search for you.
Google Site Search.


Do you have any favorite Bookmarklet that you can’t live without? Do share with us

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