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Why Have eBooks Become so Popular And Are They Right For You?

Have you already made the switch from regular books printed on paper to ebooks? If not, you are missing a lot. eBooks give you access to a wide range of literary works from across the globe. There are many other benefits related to making the transition.

What are eBooks and eReaders?
eBooks are books that come in a digital format. The digital book can consist of both text and images. An electronic book can be read either on a computer or on a device called ebook reader or ereader.

Ereaders provide better reading experience than the computer screen because they rely on a technology that makes the screen look like a printed page. This technology does not tire the eyes in the same way that the computer screen does. The ebook reader is dedicated solely to displaying books and audio books. Unlike other portable devices, it cannot be used for playing games, watching videos or using the internet.

The history of ebooks started in the 1940s when electronic indices were first created. The first electronic book was patented in 1949 by a Spanish teacher called Angela Ruiz. She had the idea of decreasing the number of schoolbooks that her students had to carry on a daily basis.

Many universities developed their own electronic book systems in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1992, Data Discman came into existence. Developed by Sony, this electronic reader could recognize digital text formats recorded on a CD. Today, there are numerous ebook reader brands and a vast range of publications to choose among. Many magazines and newspapers are already making their issues available in ebook formats, as well.

Benefits of Reading eBooks
Having an ebook reader is a great option, both in terms of expenses and convenience. Instead of having to carry thick books around, you can simply upload your favorites to the reader and have them all stored in the small and easy to carry device.

Storing actual books is also challenging. Remember the days when houses used to have large libraries? It is no longer necessary. An ebook reader has large memory that is sufficient for the storage of hundreds of books. Your entire collection can also be stored on a computer or an external hard drive.

Many books that have never been republished and rare titles can be discovered in digital format. There are specialized websites dedicated to such literary works.

Ebooks are much more affordable than traditional books. In fact, it is possible to read books online free. A number of free books online websites provide all the classics for the enjoyment of avid literature fans.

Where to Find Online eBooks?
Looking for free classic books online? There are various options to choose among but some websites are much better than others.

You can read books online free at TowerBabel, a website running under the slogan “fall in love with books again.” TowerBabel has a big number of popular titles and it also enables aspiring writers to share their work with the world and to get some feedback. Some of the most popular titles that can be found on the website include Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the works of William Shakespeare, George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The world of reading is becoming modernized and technological advances provide people who love reading with new opportunities. Investing in an ebook reader is certainly a smart thing to do. Once you get the device, you will enjoy the tremendous opportunity to choose among a large number of contemporary and classical titles. It all depends on your reading preferences and on the amount of time that you have available to dedicate to books.

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