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What You Should Know About CD Duplication

Even though digital distribution is likely a trend that will only continue to increase in popularity, most bands remain focused on creating and selling actual physical copies of their music as part of their business practices. All professional musicians, even those who record albums in home studios use CD duplication to get their music into the hands of fans and promoters.

Some manufacturers call this process replication to differentiate it from the type of duplication that is completed by unscrupulous individuals and companies, but they are basically the same operation with the one being accomplished through the use of the original and the other via a copy. Here, we will speak of this process under one umbrella, CD duplication since this is a term used in the industry.

As recording artists get started producing recorded music, it is a custom to have short run CD duplication created in order to have hard copies to send to various producers, radio stations, sell at concerts and hand out to fans. This is how they build a base of fans and their reputation. Without these short runs, it would be nearly impossible for them to get their sounds recognized by anyone.

Short run CD duplication typically consists of about 1000 or less CDs. The reason these are kept to a minimum, until name recognition alone sells for you, is that this is a manageable size that will reduce the chances that copies will be sitting on closet shelves for years to come. Most CD duplication companies are happy to produce more copies as you need them for fans.

Of course, recording artists are not the only ones who can benefit from what CD duplication can do for them. Many businesses use this type of service as they distribute training materials to individuals within their organization. They even have duplicate copies of messages about their company produced to hand out at trade shows. Some order as little as 100 copies at a time just to have them on hand.

Short run CD duplication is the ideal way to go for teachers and professors who want to make a simple introduction to their style of teaching, or make handy instructional videos available throughout the year. A single CD can hold a lot of information in a tiny space which then becomes a great educational tool.

Recruiting materials also fit nicely on CDs which can include copies of applications to be filled out and printed off. Along with that, product information as well as new product ideas can also be provided to conference attendees on CDs rather than watching paper handouts end up on the floor or in waste receptacles. When requesting money from investors, they are more favorably impressed when they are offered copies of business plans on CD.

While it is always possible to have short run CD duplication performed for you by companies that specialize in this practice, there are tools that you can use at home for this purpose as well. Today’s technology has improved so much that even home recording studios now provide professional quality like never before. Nevertheless, there are still chances for mistakes being made. This is why, when you need only the best quality CD duplication to sell, hand out, or distribute in other ways to those who must be supplied with your information or music, a professional short run CD duplication may be the better option.

Regardless why you are searching for information about this kind of service, it is always wise to become as educated as possible before taking the plunge. Your fans and the public will appreciate the effort you put into producing something that is easy for them to use and understand.

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