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Tree Survey IS More Than Just Tree Inventory

Trees are essential parts of a healthy environment because these plants provide food, shelter and clean air for animals including humans, among other useful purposes. Keep in mind that, without trees, the Earth as we know it today will cease to exist so choosing the right trees for the right location and planting them in the right manner at the right time is a must. This is where a tree survey, also called a tree inventory, comes in.

But it is more than just an inventory of the types of trees in a certain area! Here are its aspects that you must know before hiring a qualified tree specialist for the job.

Collection of Information

The main aim of a tree inventory is to conduct a scientific investigation, to collect information, and to submit a written report on the latest condition of trees in the area. The information on the trees’ condition usually include the nature, structure and health of the trees under the survey such that it can be used for decision-making purposes. The decisions can be about the types of trees that can be planted in the area, the species of trees that may be harming its native ecosystem for removal, and the accompanying flora and fauna, among others.

Suffice it to say that only a tree specialist, also known as an arborist, is the best person to conduct a tree survey because he has the appropriate education, training and work experience for the job. He has the tools and technologies to check out individual trees and note the minute details of their condition as well.

So lest you start thinking that a tree inventory requires counting of trees in a specific area, say, an acre of the woods, think again. It is more than counting – it is, instead, an art and a science!

Valuable Information for Planning

As previously mentioned, said survey can be conducted as a tool for better decision-making purposes. The following are just a few instances when the information from the tree survey can be used to great effect:

* New site. Landscaping in residential, commercial and even industrial sites should be addressed with proper care lest the trees planted are detrimental to the native ecosystem, dangerous to humans and animals alike (e.g., toxic plants), and generally unsuitable for the area’s environmental conditions. A professional tree surveyor can assess the species of trees including the surrounding plants (e.g., climbing vines, bushes) that will thrive in the area as well as contribute to the overall landscaping goals.

* Safety inspections. Keep in mind that trees can both be friends and foes depending on their location in relation to human habitation like homes, schools and offices. A professional tree survey can identify trees that are a danger to humans such as trees with roots penetrating the foundations of buildings, thus, causing damage on the structures including its drainage systems, to name a few possible issues. (The most common culprits are willows, oaks and poplars)

* Preservation projects. Trees in protected areas should be checked periodically for diseases, among other possible conditions affecting the health of the entire ecosystem. The information collected from the survey will then be used in deciding on the appropriate plan of action (e.g., application of pesticides, removal of trees).

Indeed, before any action is performed related to trees, a professional tree survey must be done first for best results!

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