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There are More Than 1.5 Billion Smartphone Users Worldwide

It’s true, there are that many Smartphone users around the world. What are they doing with their Smartphones? For the many that have them they are so much more than just a means to communicate with friends and family. They can be tools to help keep connected to business associates, setting up meetings, even having video conferencing on the phone itself. There are some that use it to keep track of their finances, from checking the stock market, to accessing their bank accounts, paying bills, etc. With different apps, if you are a business, you can accept payment from debit and credit cards no matter where you happen to be. This is ideal for those that own a vending business, because they can accept payment for their goods and services on the go.

Another thing that people are using their smartphones for is to shop or search for information. They are buying anything from clothes to toys, electronics, and even big ticket items like televisions and washer/dryers, just to name a few. These phones are also an ideal tool when it comes to shopping because if you are in a store looking for a product, you can look up the item online and see if the price is reasonable. If not, then of course they will try to negotiate a better deal. A smartphone is also a great tool when you are looking for something when you are on the go.. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar town, or even in your own town, you can get information on a good restaurant, bar, or other entertainment establishment. You can get directions, prices, even reviews on how good the place is. If you’re lost, you can find directions to get back on track. If you have an emergency, you can even get help to you through the phone’s GPS.

One of the areas where smartphone addiction is a common problem is gaming. There are so many different games that you can download apps for, hidden object, match three, racing, just to name a few. The problem is that because they are on a phone, you can play them anywhere. While it makes sense to want to play a game while you’re waiting in line or at the doctor’s office, too many people are playing them at work, while walking down the street, and even driving in extreme cases. Work isn’t getting done, people are walking into things, and even getting into accidents while playing games and using their smartphones.

With so many people using smartphone technology these days, you need to get in on this too. As a business, you may be on the internet, maybe even social media websites, but do you have an app for your business so people can visit your website from their smartphone or other mobile device? With 1.5 billion people using their smartphones for all sorts of things, if you aren’t getting in on this, then you could be missing out on millions of dollars in potential revenue. At the very least you will get much more exposure for your brand name.

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