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The World of Minecraft

Lots of people these days are playing online video games. One of the most popular is a game called minecraft. What is this game and why has it become so popular? Basically players break up blocks or create them in a three dimensional world. There is survival mode, where you have to break up certain blocks in order to gather resources to build protective buildings and also collect food, all while battling off creatures like zombies, creepers, and other monsters who are trying to destroy your stuff. In creative mode you don’t have to eat anything to stay alive, and you are give infinite supplies to build your buildings. Creative mode is easy, because you don’t have to worry about foraging for supplies and food, you can build your own buildings and defenses quickly, and put more energy into exploring and battling monsters.

Unlike many games where you have levels you have to beat or scores that you have to achieve, Minecraft is simply about exploring and trying to survive. Maybe this is why it has been becoming more and more popular. Instead of competition and trying to beat out other players, you simply have some ‘mindless’ fun. It is about strategy, depending on mode you have to collect supplies, keep yourself alive by eating, build up your defenses, etc. You also have to explore your virtual world and keep from getting killed by roaming monsters.

You can play by yourself, or you can play online with your friends or other people from all over the world. Minecraft is available for a number of different platforms. You can buy Minecraft for the Mac or PC, for a number of mobile devices, as well as Xbox. The computer version is around $27, it’s $20 for the Xbox version, and about $7 for the tablet. You can buy the game from a number of different sources, depending on the version you are buying it for. Anyone can play, but players 12 or younger need their parents to set up an account for them.

In addition to paying for the game itself, if you want to have family or friends play with you, you need to develop a host server. This is important because you need an online platform in order to do multiplayer setup. There are different host servers all over the world, but if you live in Australia you can use Australian Minecraft Hosting services. They have a wide variety of different server plans available, starting at just $7 a month for 256MB of RAM on their ‘chicken’ plan. Prices go up depending on how much space you need. Their most expensive plan is the ‘piggy’ plan at just $28 a month for 1024MB of RAM. All plans include web hosting and SQL for free, as well as instant setup. This means that as soon as you set up an account with them, you are able to start hosting your MInecraft games.

Wombat hosting also offers a number of other gaming server platforms as well. Some of these include Source Games like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, and Garry’s Mod. They also do Teamspeak, and even web hosting for businesses and companies needing these services. Wombat services the Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney areas.

Wombat offers a variety of different plans for those people looking for web hosting services. These plans are extremely affordable, no matter what your needs are. You can get the Platypus plan for just $1.99 a month, which include 2GB RAID storage, 5GB of bandwidth, and one domain name. Their most expensive plan, which includes 24GB of storage, 100GB bandwidth, and up to 10 domain names is still just $14.99. So whether you need web hosting or hosting platforms for Minecraft, Wombat is your Australian Minecraft hosting company.

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