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The Science of Sports Betting

Chances are you’ve placed a number of sports bets and wondering why you aren’t making your money back. At the same time, you watch people you know winning every time that they play. If you are asking yourself what you are doing wrong, you still have a long ways to go. You still need to get into the mind of the players and look at the various factors that can impact performance of the players on the field. You should do that before you do any sports betting with Bitcoins.

The first thing you need to understand is that the bookmakers are going to make money. Not everyone beats them and scores a profit. With that in mind, are Bitcoin betting sites legit? Yes, they are. While there is a chance you can lose, there are still things you can do to increase the chances of winning and even reduce the impact of a loss. For this, it can pay to look at the schedule the teams playing and even the players who are active. When you look at the big picture, you might notice the star Quarterback is injured for the first time and while the team may be undefeated, the backup quarterback might not be able to keep that trend going. Or you might notice a team from a warm climate is set to play their first game in the snows of an East Coast team. Chances are they aren’t going to be playing their best.

That doesn’t mean you should rely on your instincts alone. The truth of the matter is that we all have our weaknesses and it will pay for you to look not only the information that is available, but what some of the experts have to say. Keep in mind that while they too will have their good and bad days, there are people who rely on them and since many charge to have their predictions posted, you can count on them to be an additional resource that you can utilize.

When you are considering sports betting with Bitcoins, it will be up to you to do all you can to keep your funds safe, while investing them. While you might pose the question, “Are Bitcoin betting sites legit?” You will find that in most cases they are and you need to get the science of betting down to fully benefit from them.

While you are betting, you also need to know where you stand at all times. That means you need to track your money wisely. Every dollar counts and you need to ensure that you are investing your funds wisely. Don’t take a carefree you will win some part of the time approach. If you do that, you are going to be more likely to end up with nothing after all is said and done.

Another important thing to remember is that doubling down is never the way to make a loss back. If you have the extra money and you are ahead, this can be a risky, but sometimes effective way to get some money back. However, if you do this when you are considerably down, you run a greater risk of walking away with nothing, rather than managing to hold on some of your balance that remains.

Chances are, you know that. But what you might not understand is that you want to always reinvest a percentage of all your winnings. This helps you to stay in the game and eventually, you are going to be relying more on your winnings, than your original deposit balance. A good choice can be investing 10% of all the winnings you make. That means that for every $100 you take in, you are going to reinvest $10 on the next game. Doing this, you no longer run the risk of losing money and you can begin to make money off the betting process. While it might take some time to get to the point where you are generating decent numbers in the end, it will be worth it.

To further ensure you are successful, pay close attention to the trends and keep a journal about what is going on. When you place a bet, make a notation as to why you have place the bet. You will notice that for you personally, there will be some things that are going to work better for you than others. As you begin to gain a better understanding, you can use that information to your advantage and ensure that you are walking away with more money than you were before.

Keep in mind that some things like favoritism are going to stand out and you will quickly find that this will always backfire on you. Choosing your favorite team or player is fine when there isn’t a cash balance riding on things. Instead, you need to know that sometimes you need to listen to your mind, over the loyalty you have to your team. While this is going to be hard to do at first, you will quickly find that the payout will be worth it and it means nothing negative to bet against your favorite team when money is concerned.

Keep in mind that not all places offering sports betting with Bitcoins will be the right option for you. That is because some of the websites only let you bet the single coin and not let you break down the value. That means you can end up with a bet that is hundreds of dollars, when you only really may want to bet $20. Others will require you be paid back out in Bitcoins and your balance needs to cover the cost, otherwise you have to wait. Understanding the terms of these websites can help you safer when doing this. So are Bitcoin betting sites legit? The answer is yes, but just like any betting website online, you need to do so with a level head and understand how it works.

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