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The Importance of Measuring Employee Productivity

Whether you own a small business or a large company, keeping track of employee productivity is important. There are several methods of controlling the work process, some being more efficient than others. MySammy is employee productivity measurement software that can deliver detailed information.

What is Employee Productivity?
Employee or workforce productivity measures how much a particular worker is capable of producing, whether it comes to item manufacturing or services.

Various factors affect employee productivity. Some of the most important criteria include the nature of feedback received from superiors, good work environment, the availability of the right technology and the availability of a good rewards system.

There are various methods of measuring employee productivity. Each of the techniques relies on particular factors and criteria to analyze output.

Measuring Employee Productivity
Employee productivity can be measured through observation or through the use of the right kind of software.

Output per hour of work, the number of hours needed to produce one item or to complete one task and the revenue generated per hour of work are commonly used to assess employee productivity.

For some business, it may be a bit more difficult to monitor and assess employee productivity. Evaluation can be more challenging when it comes to abstract tasks where clear indicators of productivity are unavailable. Each company has to come up with its own baseline and criteria of importance. There should also be well-identified factors that interfere with employee productivity like distractions, redundancies and poor work techniques.

Characteristics of Mysammy.com
www.mysammy.com is a website that provides information about employee productivity and the tools needed to measure it.

The software provides information about how employees are using their computers. You can check the information from any part of the world, since all the data is cloud-stored. At the same time, the software respects the privacy of workers. There are no screenshots collected identifying sensitive personal data.

There are some differences between www.mysammy.com and other website control and surfing monitoring options. It comes with a “trust and verify” option. Some websites could be blocked but actually beneficial for employees. This is why MySammy gives some flexibility instead of severely limiting staff.

Some of the information that the program will collect includes the type of browser or program being used, the title of the application, the URL of the website being viewed, the start time, the end time and the activity measured in terms of key strokes and mouse clicks.

Main Benefits
MySammy is a highly efficient employee productivity measurement software. As already mentioned, it is much less intrusive than other forms of computer control. Employees will not feel as if their every move is being observed and judged.

The data is accessible from anywhere. You will get to see what is happening at the office, even if you have to take a business trip to a distant part of the world.

The information is provided into easy to use graph form. A single user’s activity can be analyzed on a day-by-day basis or you can assess the performance of the entire office. The reports and graphs are customizable to provide more convenience.

All of the data that is transferred over the cloud is encrypted and protected. This means that even if you have some sensitive company data to take a look at, it will be safe from hacker attacks and other kinds of breaches.

MySammy is affordable and coming with a 30-day trial period. The starter plan is available for free. It includes graph displays, automatic data collection, productivity rules setting, community support and mobile applications. The small business plan costs seven dollars per month and per user. The larger business plan costs 17 dollars per user per month.

Keeping track of employee productivity while respecting privacy is important. MySammy is a highly practical option that is affordable and user-friendly.

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