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The Five Cs of Leda Real Estate

According to an article published on 8 October 2013 at the Sydney Morning Herald, HSBC’s economists Adam Richardson and Paul Bloxham asserted that the Australian housing market is at the beginning of a boom and not a bubble. The revival of the housing market has contributed to the improved conditions in the finance, business and construction sectors, an assertion made in the latest National Australia Bank monthly business survey, with Sydney homes recording the strongest trend growth in comparison with Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. Indeed, the clients in reputable real estate companies like Leda Real Estate will discover to their delight that now is the best time to sell their Sydney homes for good profits!

What makes Leda one of the most successful real estate companies in Australia? Let’s take a look at the five Cs that Leda agents and staff members take pride in and take measures to follow every single day when doing business with their clients.

#1 Customer Focused

Customers specifically the sellers of homes and their prospective buyers are the lifeblood of real estate companies and Leda is not different in this respect. As such, its real estate agents and staff members strive to:

  • Answer questions, address concerns, and resolve complaints made by clients through phone calls, emails, and personal interactions so as to ensure that meeting their needs and wants are a matter of course, not of coincidence.
  • Involve clients in the actual marketing, selling and closing process because it is their property and their profits at stake here more than the reputation and rewards of Leda Real Estate.

Suffice it to say that no client will feel neglected by our real estate agents!

#2 Community

Leda real property agents understand that buying a house is more than just buying a pile of brick and mortar regardless of its modesty or magnificence. Purchasing a house also means making the first important step into becoming part of a community in the future and, in so doing, starting a new life!

In this regard, the real estate agents of Leda are also locals in the area, too. Their familiarity with the community including its people, businesses and agencies will redound to the benefits of their clients.

#3 Coaching

Many Leda Real Estate clients come into its office with little to no knowledge of the real estate process. When such general ignorance is left unaddressed, the consequences can be disastrous for the seller on many aspects (i.e., too low value resulting in losses, too high value resulting in no takers, and too little attention to the paperwork).

Fortunately, such oversight will be quickly resolved by the competent agents via coaching provided to their clients. The informal coaching sessions and free educational resources usually involve topics like marketing the property, staging the house, and closing the sale, among other important tricks of the trade every seller must know.

#4 Complete Process

Leda Real Estate agents also oversee the entire process – truly, a contrast with other real estate companies where clients are left to fend for themselves at one point of another in the selling process. The agents will be actively involved from the initial property appraisal to the closing of the sale while also encouraging their clients to learn the process for future reference. Just to name a few of their tasks:

  • Market the property both online and offline
  • Follow through on potential buyers
  • Negotiate for the best prices
  • Provide advice on staging the property including taking of photos and filming of videos

#5 Commission

Leda Real Estate has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, commission fee among real estate companies dealing in Sydney homes. Just how low? 0.5% plus the goods and services tax (GST), which represent considerable savings for its clients considering that most of the company’s competitors charge a hefty 2% standard commission rate.

These five Cs – customer, community, coaching, complete involvement, and commission –sets apart Leda Real Estate from its competitors.

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