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Starcraft 2 Guide – Learn the Best Strategy to Use

What is Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty? It is a continuation of one of the most popular real time strategy games, Starcraft, available through Blizzard Entertainment. It is a combination of time management, as well as a real time strategy war game. You have to take the time to gather resources, and build structures, then use these structures to create different types of mobile units. You then battle different factions for control of both planets and space platforms across the universe. You can play against the computer, or you can go online and play against other people.

There are three different species you can choose from when it comes to playing Starcraft. You can choose Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss. Each species has it’s own unique features, so you are never playing the same game twice. The terrans are able to build structures that have the ability to fly, which gives them the advantage that if their base is under attack, many of their main structures can lift off and move to a different location. Even though they don’t have some of the advantages afforded by the other two races, they are very resourceful, being able to produce and deploy a variety of different land and air units. They can train marines that can attack both land and air attacks. They produce firebots, which are equipped with deadly flame throwers, devastating to both ground units and buildings. They have vehicles that can deploy smart mines, and tanks that can change from mobile units to siege weapons. They can build giant, heavily armed flying battle cruisers, and smaller units that have the ability to cloak while in flight.

The Zerg are parasitic creatures that are grown from an organic command center. One of the disadvantages to these creatures is that the drones have to be used to convert to different living structures, which takes time. Each more advanced creature can only be created after a certain structure is grown. Structures can only be formed on the ‘creep,’ which forms from command centers and defensive structures. The zerg do have many advantages. One is that many of their smaller attack units as well as resource drones have the ability to bury themselves in the ground, waiting for unsuspecting enemies to pass by them then attacking from the rear. Air units can fire ricocheting missiles that bounce from one opponent or structure to another within range, and some units can consume units to regenerate. Some units can ‘infect’ enemy units and structures, causing massive damage over time. They can also construct tunnels that can transport ground unit from one point to another almost instantly.

The Protoss are an advanced alien race that heavily relies on technology to overpower their foes. They use energy beacons to transport their structures in, and once established can construct powerful ground and air units. Their powerful energy defense cannons can take out both ground as well as air units. They have an assortment of ground units, from zealots that use their razor sharp talons to take out ground units, units that use energy blasts to crush ground and air units. They also can deploy a number of air units, ones that can immobilize units, making them easier to pick off, to transport units capable of deploying masses of attack drones.

For this newer version of Starcraft, there are many different units added. You can play the traditional way, one player against computer controlled opponents, but you can also access Blizzard’s online world, exploring many extra worlds, experiences, and even doing PVP battles. When it comes to battling other opponents online, it’s all about rankings and who has the better strategy. The more players you beat the higher on the leaderboards you are going to get, and this is important in order to master the game. In addition you can build your own customized worlds and scenarios much better than the first Starcraft version. Players can play on your worlds and you can play on theirs.

While you may have played and beaten the first version, Starcraft 2 is much different, more complicated, and better. It is a good idea to take a training course on this version of the game, and for many reasons. You can learn the detailed advantages and disadvantages to each race, so that you can come up with battle strategies that will take out your opponents over and over. There are many new features with Starcraft 2, so you really need to familiarize yourself with the different levels of game play.

If you are looking for strategy guides for Starcraft 2, the Osiris SC2 guide is an official Starcraft 2 strategy guide, but it is so much more than that. This is your training boot camp when it comes to this game, so you can get your PVP ranting to one in just a short period of time, no matter what level of experience you may have with this game.

Here are just some of the benefits of using the Osiris SC2 guide. They teach you tactics and resource building strategies for all three races, as well PVP races. They also provide many different practice scenarios so you have time to warm up before going against real players in real time. Using the Osiris method and software you will be able to play as fast as pro players in no time, using the same tried and true methods used in traditional games like chess. This guide costs $17, but comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Now some people are not interested in getting ‘top ranks,’ on this game, and just want a guide that will help them master all the basics of the game, more so that what is included with the directions and tutorials. They may also want to customize their own worlds and scenarios. This Starcraft 2 strategy guide is easy to use and best of all it’s free.

You can probably find other strategies guides, but if you want comprehensive guides that are easy to understand and cheaper, then skip the rest and choose from these two sites. There are also a number of other guides to help you with some of their other game genres, like World of Warcraft and Diablo.

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