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Some Relevant Information Regarding E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new on the market, with the device having being patented in 2003, but their growth in popularity has been nothing short of astonishing. After an initially slow take-up, sales have begun to skyrocket, and electronic cigarette sales are now in the billions and still rising. So, what has led to this extraordinary growth in popularity?

There are countless offerings in the marketplace designed to help people quit smoking. The most popular to date, and the most successful, have been devices like gum and patches that deliver nicotine to the body other than via a cigarette. The big problem with these systems is that they do not address the habitual physical enjoyment people get from handling cigarettes. This is something that electronic cigarettes do offer.

Electronic cigarettes are designed to be a complete replacement for cigarettes. They are built to look like real cigarettes. Some brands even add glowing tips to the electronic cigarettes. They are used in the same way as real cigarettes. That is, the smoker places the electronic cigarette in the mouth and inhales. The electronic cigarette delivers nicotine in vapor form, so the smoker gets a dose of nicotine directly into the lungs, just as with normal cigarettes, but without the noxious chemicals and tars associated with real cigarettes.

Another key reason why sales of electronic cigarettes are booming is that they are being used more and more by people who do not want to quit smoking, but want to get their dose of nicotine in places where smoking is disallowed. Electronic cigarettes do not generate any actual smoke, only a harmless, odorless vapor, which means they can be used in cinemas, on planes, in bars and restaurants, and lots of other places where normal smoking is banned.

How electronic cigarettes work
An electronic cigarette is essentially a housing unit for a battery pack, and a cartridge containing the nicotine and vaporizer. The nicotine in the cartridge is dissolved in propylene glycol, a substance approved for use by the FDA. When the smoker draws on the mouthpiece, a heating element is activated and atomizes some of the nicotine solution. Once the nicotine solution in the cartridge is used up, the cartridge must be replaced or refilled.

Choosing an electronic cigarette brand
There are many different brands to choose from, with a big spread in pricing. All newcomers to electronic cigarettes need to buy the base unit, that is the battery and cartridge holder, and an initial supply of nicotine cartridges. These will have to be replaced or refilled, so there will be an ongoing need to buy these. The cost of replacement cartridges or refill material from the brand supplier must be taken into account, as cartridges are not freely interchangeable between different e-cig brands.

Buyers may want to look for a brand that sells cartridges that come with different flavors. Some companies offer a wide range of flavors, while others have a limited choice. The next thing to consider is the concentration of nicotine available in different cartridges. The bigger the choice in nicotine concentrations, the easier it will be to gradually reduce nicotine intake.

Many buyers will probably be happier buying products that use cartridges made in the USA. This is because manufacturing standards are much higher in the USA than those in many other countries.

One of the best ways to help in making a choice is to check what other people are saying. Sites like http://www.electroniccigarettetree.com are useful resources, with coverage of various brands. For example, one reviewer ( he chose to review Ever Smoke ) explains the pros and cons of that product in great detail.

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