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Some Facts About Vapor E Cigarettes

It must first be emphasized that the product pertained to in Vapor e cigarette reviews including this article is VaporZone, one of the leading e-cigarettes in the market today. Its benefits including wide range of flavors, ease of operation, and long-lasting battery, to name a few, continue to attract beginners and veterans into the vaping habit – as the use of e-cigarettes is known among enthusiasts as vapor is generated instead of smoke, as is the case with conventional cigarettes.

Kits Galore

As can be observed in many a Halo G6 kit review, VaporZone also offers a wide range of kits that will make both beginners and fans of e-cigarettes happy for years to come with the choices. Your choice from among these starter kits will largely depend on your needs and wants (i.e., budget, frequency of use, and preferences for features) where the product is concerned.

Indeed, most of the Vapor e cigarette reviews point out the fact that there is a kit for every need and want of interested individuals including:

  • Express Starter Kit with one unit each of standard battery, express battery, adapter, USB charger, user manual and membership card
  • Pro Starter Kit that comes with a 1000 mAH battery, Pro-L cartomizers, and 3 additional cartomizers, among others
  • Jet Starter Kit with a 650 mAH battery, jet cartomizer, and 1 mouthpiece cap, among others, in the box

The other kits are the Air, Pulse and Rebel. Each one has a different set of components that come with the box but it must be said that all of these kits have been designed to provide the best possible vaping experience for their users regardless of their preferences in nicotine strength, flavor and techniques. It then comes as little surprise that most of the Vapor e cigarette reviews are in favor of the brand – it’s one that suits everybody’s needs and wants while still standing head and shoulders above its competitors.

Customized Flavors

Yet another reason that VaporZone stands out from its competitors is the wide range of flavors to choose from but this can also be said about other brands, as many a halo g6 kit review points out Halo’s own range of flavors. But VaporZone ups the ante by offering its customers the opportunity to blend their own customized flavors! No other leading brand can claim such a unique service for itself so VaporZone is in a category of its own.

Let’s first discuss the off-the-shelf flavors that, in themselves, are as delightful as the customized blends, if the dozens of Vapor e cigarette reviews are the basis. Choose from among:

  • Tobacco flavors including American Red, Classic and Sahara
  • Menthol flavors like Mighty Menthol, Menthol Ice and Peppermint Party
  • Dessert flavors including Carnival Cotton Candy, Marshmallow, and Dulce de Leche
  • Fruit flavors likePeachy Keen, Appletini, and Pina Colada
  • Other flavors including Amaretto Sunrise, Havana Rum, Java Jolt

But as previously stated, the best part of VaporZone e-liquids is the opportunity to create your own customized blends, a fact that many more authors of Vapor e cigarette reviews rave about. From dozens upon dozens of possible flavors, the master blenders of VaporZone can create personalized blends that can number in the thousands. Think of flavors like:

  • Rum + Lime + Mint = Blended Mojito
  • Orange + Vanilla = Creamsicle
  • Strawberry + Blueberry + Raspberry = Berry Bash

Think of any combo of flavors you like – up to 3 distinct flavors can be blended – and then the master blenders will come up with just the right e-liquid flavor. But aside from the yummy flavors, you can also choose from several nicotine strengths ranging from 0% (no nicotine) and 0.6% (ultra-light) to 3.6% (bold). Just imagine the hundreds of possible combinations of flavors and nicotine strengths that you can come up with using the VaporZone custom blend service!

Of course, the fact that VaporZone has easy-to-operate cartridges and atomizers coupled with long-lasting batteries are part of its appeal – one that the authors of Vapor e cigarette reviews will wholeheartedly agree with on any given day.

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