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Social Media Gaming: Why has It Taken the World by Storm?

Do you play at least one game on Facebook? Millions of other people enjoy similar activities. Social media gaming has become a huge phenomenon because of the diversity, the easy access and the simplicity of this entertainment option.

Some Interesting Statistics
According to statistics, social media games will reach 50 percent of all the social network members by 2014. This means that 34 percent of all the internet users will be playing at least one social media game, according to an info graphic titled Social Gaming Industry Statistics & Trends.

The average age of the social media gamer is 40, which means that these kinds of games are attracting all age groups, not only the young social network users. In 2013, the social gaming market is expected to reach 7.49 billion people in comparison to 6.2 billion people during 2012.

Only in the US, the social gaming market is expected to generate revenue of five billion dollars by the end of 2015. These figures show that social gaming is here to stay and to keep on expanding in the future.

Why is Social Media Gaming So Popular?
Social media gaming has become so popular because of several simple factors. The easy access and the simplicity of becoming a player have both attracted millions of fans.

For a start, it is readily available. Everyone who has membership in at least one social network like Facebook is given access to a medley of gaming possibilities. Most of these entertainment options are available for free, with some charging players for VIP membership or the purchase of virtual goods.

Social network games come in all possible genres. There are arcade games, word games, virtual realities, adventures and card games. People can choose their games on the basis of personal preferences and leisure time interests. If a game is not what the player expects it to be, it can easily get uninstalled from the social networking profile.

Many of the social network games allow players to compete against others. This creates a sense of social involvement and communication, even if a person is lacking social contacts in reality. Many people are looking for this kind of virtual contact and they are easily discovering it in their online social networking profiles.

The Top Social Media Games
Several games have become distinctively more popular than the other entertainment options that social networks provide.

According to 2013 information, the most popular Facebook games are Candy Crush, FarmVille2, Texas Hold’em, Pet Rescue Saga, Diamond Dash, Dragon City, CoasterVille, Bubble With Saga, Bubble Safari and Criminal Case.

The top game in the list, Candy Crush, has more than 36 million monthly active users. FarmVille2 follows with 35.4 million monthly active users and Texas Hold’em has slightly over 34 million users. If you are one of the people who like to play online poker, you can buy chips for the Facebook Zynga games at Gagachips.com . Gagachips.com has a lowest price guarantee and secure payment options.

According to 2012 statistics, the most popular social networking games included Hidden Chronicles, Hero Academy, Marvel Avengers Alliance, Draw Something and Angry Birds Friends.

As the niche increases its popularity, developments become more realistic and complex. Advanced adventure scenarios are already available for the fans of this genre. Though the free versions of such games come with some limitations, they still offer an exciting gaming experience.

New social networks appear all the time and with them, the entertainment options expand. Social network gamers have many possibilities to choose among. The gaming market is expanding and so is the revenue that it generates. Experts predict further growth in the future, which means that social media games will become even more engaging and capable of attracting new fans.

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