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Schizophrenia Is One Of The Most Serious Mental Condition

Schizophrenia ranks among the most serious mental conditions but effective treatments have fortunately been developed. Living with schizophrenia can be challenging. Accurate diagnosis and the selection of the right medications are both essential for improving the schizophrenia sufferer’s quality of life.

Some Statistics
According to National Institute of Mental Health statistics, 1.1 percent of the US adult population suffers fromschizophrenia. From country to country, the rates of schizophrenia vary between one and five percent of the adult population.

The schizophrenia treatment outlook is good despite the prevalence and the seriousness of the condition. Within 10 years of being diagnosed, 25 percent of the schizophrenia patients would have recovered completely. Another 25 percent would have registered a high level of recovery, allowing them to lead an independent life.

Of the people suffering from schizophrenia , 25 percent live with their family and 28 percent are capable of living on their own.

Researchers are constantly working on improving schizophrenia remedies and coming up with new treatments. Currently, 15 new schizophrenia medications are in the development process. New cognitive and psycho-social treatments are being worked on, as well.

Risk Factors
Though the exact causes of schizophrenia are yet to be pointed out, there are various well-known risk factors.

Family history of schizophrenia is one of those risk factors, though genetics are not a direct cause of the condition.

Pregnancy infections are another important risk factors. The exposure to toxins or malnutrition during the first trimester of pregnancy tend to have the most negative effects on the unborn baby. Pregnancies at a late age appear to also be connected to some schizophrenia risk.

People who experience stressful life circumstances are prone to developing schizophrenia. Parental abuse, witnessing violence at a young age, the loss of a loved one and extreme bullying can all contribute to the development of mental conditions like schizophrenia.

What is It Like to Live with Schizophrenia?
Until schizophrenia is diagnosed and the right treatment is selected , the patients could have a very low quality of life.

People who suffer from schizophrenia typically have a distorted perception of reality. They are likely to experience hallucinations in the form of hearing voices or experiencing things that are not taking place in real life.

Delusions or false personal beliefs are also common among schizophrenia sufferers. Schizophrenia affects a person’s way of thinking, making it difficult for patients to determine what is the logical and correct course of actions.

Schizophrenia reduces the ability to show emotions and to respond to stimuli in an acceptable manner. Some think that schizophrenia sufferers tend to be violent but this concept has been enforced by media and it has very little to do with reality.

Schizophrenia Outlook
The treatment starts with the administration of a schizophrenia test to figure out what the condition of the patient is. Medics will ask a series of questions to identify the symptoms and the risk factors that could have contributed toschizophrenia.

A schizophrenia test focuses on the patient’s ability to separate fantasies from reality, on the likelihood of experiencing hallucinations and on communication skills. The symptoms of schizophrenia are common in other mental disorders, as well, so the diagnostic process has to be extensive and detailed.

As already mentioned, new medications and treatment options have made it possible for schizophrenia sufferers to lead a normal and fulfilling life. The earlier the treatment starts, the better the results are expected to be.

Family support and proper counseling are essential for the recovery of the schizophrenia patients and the prevention of a relapse. Medications are typically prescribed for a period of at least one year, during which adjustments are made to outweigh the side effects that some patients could experience. Doctors will monitor the condition of patients continuously to make sure that the treatment is delivering the best possible results.

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