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Remote Control – Story Of Its Evolution

What do you know about the evolution of remote controls? The first remote controls were the two legged kind, either getting your spouse or your kids to go over and change the channel on the television. These first remotes didn’t work very well, as you can imagine, because either they told you to do it yourself, or they changed the channel to something they wanted to watch instead.

The next generation of remotes weren’t all that much better. Many times they had just a few controls, an on/off button, one that you could control the volume, and a button to make the channels go up or down. There were many problems with these devices. They were bulky for one thing, (you surely didn’t have to worry about where you left it.) They used line of sight to work, so if you turned to remote even slightly chances are they didn’t respond, or if someone got in between your controller and the television they interfered with the signal. The batteries didn’t last very long at all. One of the biggest problems with these dinosaurs was that they were radio controlled. This meant that if someone else had a remote with the same frequency, they could change the channel on your TV. Since garage door openers were becoming popular also, the remotes on these devices were also radio controlled, so they could interfere with your TV remote as well.

As time wore on, the evolution of remote controls became better and more sophisticated. Now you could control the basics, but they also had numerical pads, so you could go directly to the channel you wanted. The electronics become more sophisticated, the devices smaller. You could even have a remote control that either lit up, or had some kind of glow-in-the-dark material to find them at night. Infrared technology was developed, so there was less interference all around. While this new technology allowed a number of different electronics to be operated separately, there was now a bigger problem.

How many remotes do you or did you have in your house at one time? There are remotes for the television, the VCR, (old timers should still know what this is,) the DVD or Blu Ray players. Then of course you have your surround sound, and your cable or satellite box. How many different remotes does one person need to control the electronics in their life anyway? Some households have five, six, or even more. This raises the stakes pretty high that one or more of these has gotten lost at one time or another, sometimes permanently.

Over the last few decades all that has changed. While when you buy a new electronic device it usually comes with its own remote, you don’t have to get stuck using it. The evolution of remote controls has evolved to the universal remote control. This device can control all of your electronics at one time. You have your DVD players, your satellite/cable box, TV, even you surround sound all at the touch of a few buttons. These remotes are backlit, so you can see your controls in the dark. They use LED lights to do this, so you are hardly using any power. Speaking of power, with today’s smaller electronics, your batteries last much longer than ever before. You can even choose to put in rechargeable batteries, so you only have to buy remote batteries every few years.

You don’t even have to worry if your old remote finally went out, got lost or whatever, you can buy one of these universal remotes and program it to operate your device. All you have to do is have the model number, and program it into the remote. Even if you don’t have the numbers, newer universal remotes can scan your electronics and tune them in. Even motels or hotels that are in constant need of remote controls, or multitudes of them can buy universal remote controls.

So if you are looking for a company that can supply you with a new universal remote so you can get rid of all your different remotes once and for all, then go to RemoteControlHookup. Based out of Tampa, Florida, they have more than 150,000 different remote control products waiting to be shipped directly to you. Their website is RemoteControlHookup.com . There are many reasons you should shop this company for your next universal remote control. This is probably one of the easiest site to use when it comes to finding what you need. If you happen to have the model number to your remote control, you simply type it into the search box at the top of the home page and enter to find a universal remote that is compatible. If you like the product’s price, simply click on the ‘buy now’ button and go to the completely secure ordering page. You can also find your brand name alphabetically.

Let’s say you have a motel or hotel and are in need of replacement remotes. This also where RemoteControlHookup.com can come in handy. It doesn’t matter how many remote controllers you may need, this company is only going to charge you a flat shipping rate of $7.95. Just shop for the controllers you need and go to their easy checkout page, fill out the information and you’re done. When it comes to finding your remote, it doesn’t matter what brand you have, you can find it at this website. From LG and Panasonic, to Samsung and Philips, as well as everything in between, they have them all.

Now even someone who may use a remote all the time can have a problem programming a universal remote from time to time, so you may want to get some help. Unlike other companies that you can never get a hold of if there is a problem, or get some automated answering machine, you get a live operator when you call them, at 1-855-465-2220. You can also email them. Even if you don’t have a problem, maybe a question about which universal remote is right for your many devices, or would like to find out the status of an order, they welcome all inquiries. So the next time you need a replacement remote control, or want to stop dealing with the hassles of having five or six remotes going at the same time, then get a hold of this company.

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