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Protect Your Computer for Less

Reliable computer protection is a necessity, especially for people that have risky online behavior. Online financial transactions, the sharing of personal data and browsing should all be protected through the selection of the right anti-virus program.

Malwarebytes Pro is one of the best possibilities on the market. The software has many distinctive characteristics and buying it for less is now possible through the use of a Malwarebytes coupon code.

Why Protecting Your Computer is Important
Computer protection is important for personal PCs, as well as for the computers used by a company. Viruses can cause a lot of damage, the loss of important data and financial losses, as well.

Dangers can come from the most unexpected places. Even people who use their computers solely for work risk getting a virus, unless the right kinds of anti-virus software is being used.

Viruses are one of the dangers to keep a watchful eye for. Spyware gathers personal information, allowing hackers and other individuals having malicious intentions to use your data. Spyware could lead to identity theft and to financial losses, if hackers get to information like credit card numbers and passwords.

Malware or malicious software is another common risk that you need to protect your computer against. It can disrupt the operation of your PC and it can also gather sensitive data. Worms, Trojan horses, keyloggers, rogue security software and viruses are the most common kinds of malware.

What is Malwarebytes Pro
Malwarebytes Pro is more than a typical anti-virus program. It offers more serious protection against different kinds of computer threats. It comes with a free version but to benefit from all of the advanced features, you will have to buy Malwarebytes Pro.

The technology behind this program is incredibly powerful. Malwarebytes Pro is capable of offering real time protection and the blocking of malicious websites and applications. This is the first, highly effective line of defense.

A comparison was drawn between Malwarebytes Pro and other anti-virus programs. When it comes to malware cleanup, Malwarebytes Pro performed better than all of the other popular options on the anti-virus programs market. Major competitors scored 6.6 points, while Malwarebytes Pro achieved the undefeatable 7.1 points.

Some of the program’s most important characteristics include thorough computer scans, quick scans, quarantine function, customizable settings, password protection, manual removal of malware, realtime proactive protection module, multi-lingual support and support for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Malwarebytes Pro comes with a 30-day trial period, giving you a chance to explore the program’s characteristics before you decide to make a purchase. The price of the Pro version is 22.95 euro.

Benefits of Using Malwarebytes Pro
The powerful protection is the first and the most important benefits of Malwarebytes Pro. Many software reviews and specialized publications give this anti-virus program a 5 out of 5 rating. No other product is comparable to Malwarebytes Pro.

Malwarebytes comes with a lifetime license. Once you purchase the product, you will get to use it without having to pay for upgrades. There is no monthly subscription or additional payment needed to keep on using the program, which means that it offer continuous protection against computer threats.

The realtime scanning and the quarantine function will keep your computer and your important files safe, regardless of your internet usage. Anything that the program considers suspicious will be quarantined to prevent damage.

Despite its numerous features and powerful protection, Malwarebytes is very easy to install and use. The interface is quite intuitive and even people with limited computer knowledge will be capable of using the program in the best possible way.

To test Malwarebytes and to figure out whether this is the anti-virus program for you, there is a 30-day trial period.

Malwarebytes comes with a business version, as well. The small business option is available with one to 49 licenses, while the option for large businesses has more than 50 licenses. The corporate license provides more powerful features like minimized exposure to data theft and maximized network uptime through automatic scans and customization.

The malwarebytes coupon code and How It Helps You Save Money
The coupon code is a wonderful way of getting the anti-virus program without spending a lot on it.

The unique coupon provides a 15 percent discount from the purchase. This discount is available for a limited time so the sooner you make use of it, the better. Only domestic and personal users can make use of the coupon code. It is currently unavailable for business purchases of Malwarebytes Pro.

In order to make use of the discount, go to the coupon website and click on the link available there. It will take you to the official Malwarebytes Pro store and it will apply a 15 percent discount to the purchase. You can purchase up to 15 licenses and make use of the discount coupon code.

The checkout page will give you a chance to select the currency and the payment method of preference. Malwarebytes accepts credit and debit card payments, as well as wire transfers and payments made through websites like Paypal.

While purchasing the discounted version of Malwarebytes Pro, you will get a chance to also purchase the extended download and the Malwarebytes CD. The CD is customized and giving you the backup that you will need in case something goes wrong. The CD costs 6.95 euro.

The extended download is available for 24 months after the date of purchase. It remotely stores a copy of Malwarebytes Pro that you can use in the case of needed reinstallation. The extended download option is available 24/7 and it costs 4.95 euro.

Investing in high quality anti-virus protection is a smart thing to do. The market has many options to offer but some of them tend to have superior features. Malwarebytes Pro is one of the most powerful anti-virus options. You have to pay for the program just once, in order to use it a lifetime. Currently, there is a malwarebytes coupon code that you can use to get a 15 percent discount and make the purchase even more affordable.

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