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Promoting Your Business With A Standing Banner Display

The Beauty of A Standing Banner Display

A standing banner display is simply a stand to which you can attach a poster. These stands come in a variety of sizes from table top displays to ones that are as tall or taller than a human. The stand itself is of minimal design (basically a frame). The style of these frames allow for poster like sheets to be inserted into the frame giving more area for the actual message you are trying to convey. Changing the message posters is an easy feat to accomplish and allows your business to do a good amount of advertising at a very reasonable price.

Using a Standing Display in the Promotion of your Business

There are a variety of ways you can use standing banner stands when promoting your business. A tall display used outside or right inside your store announcing a sale or new product is likely to draw customers and potential customers inside the store or to the section where the new product is on display. Once there at least some of the customers are likely to buy.

If you have a large store or are a small store located in a mall among dozens or hundred’s of other stores, you can use a large standing display to attract potential customers from various parts of the store or mall as these large displays are the right height to be seen by people walking a distance away. The more attractive the display the more likely you are to divert people to your business, which is the real goal of these displays.

Not only can standing displays advertise your business, service or products, they can be used to divert store traffic to a specific aisle without being pushy. For example you can place a standing display advertising kiddie pools in such a place that customers will be channeled down an Aisle featuring beach and water toys before they reach the kiddie pools, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing accessories to go with the pool they came into buy.

In addition, you can use these displays to announce upcoming sales or special promotions and keep your customers informed of these events.

Benefits of Ordering Online With Your Custom Logo

Once you have your stand for your free standing display, ordering the actual displays online can save you even more money. Online competition is fierce and so many companies who design and print these display posters offer great money saving deals. Numartdisplay is one of the companies that has great deals and in most cases you can have your custom logo added to each poster at minimal cost, which is especially helpful to new businesses who are branding their company.

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