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Places To Visit In Italy

When searching for Italy on the globe as a child, it was usually the easiest to find by way of ‘searching for the boot’. Italy is a large peninsula in the shape of a boot situated in the south-west of Europe. The peninsula extends into the Mediterranean Sea. The bordering countries are Austria and Switzerland to the north and to the east we find Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. On the west coast we have the Tyrrhenian Sea and France and finally to the south the Lonian and Mediterranean Seas. There are two islands, Sardinia and Sicily, which also form part of Italy. Italy’s very location makes it the prime reason why so many people worldwide choose to enjoy villa rentals in Italy.

This is a country which is steeped very deeply in a tangle of history. It is tangible when wandering through the exquisite towns where old buildings and ruins are the order of the day. Villas are in abundance in Italy and therefore villa rentals in Italy should be quite an easy accomplishment. There are numerous areas to visit, all of which produce their very own brand of fascinating Italian cuisine and hospitality. Whether you are looking for a luxurious coastal villa on the Amalfi coastline or a small rustic villa in the heart of Tuscany country, there will be an Italian villa for you somewhere.

www.italianview.com pride themselves in being able to get you to rent a villa in Italy without any trouble. A vast and beautiful selection of Italian villas is available at your fingertips. There are various popular areas to visit. Tuscany is the place that movies are made of. It is rich in culture and tradition which is very stoically and respectfully preserved by its people. This is the place which was so inspirational to the likes of Michelangelo and Da Vinci. The villas are for rental on a weekly basis and vary considerably in size and price. If the country life is what you are after then to rent a villa in Italy in this stunning location is what you need.

Are you looking for romance and phenomenal ocean views? Look no further than the Amalfi coast. As you take a long and leisurely drive round this magnificent coastline you will be blown away by panoramic views of majestic proportions. On www.italianview.com you can find out all you need to know about availability and price. Extensive details on location and size are readily available and easy to find. This is an extremely user friendly and easy way torent a villa in Italy. Detailed descriptions and photographs of the villas available are there for you to have a look until you find the villa of your dreams.

Is an island what you dream of, with the sound of waves gently lapping at a whitewashed shoreline? The Island of Sicily is a perfect place to rent a villa in Italy. There are villa rentals in Italy which are right in the small harbor of Pozzillo. The village is small and very characteristic of a typical fishing village of days gone by. Indulge in fresh fish daily from the local fishermen. Go for long walks on pristine white beaches. If you are not into cooking, there are a string of well known and sought after restaurants to choose from. Mount Etna is a landscape of immense beauty and is part of the protected nature reserve. You cannot leave Sicily without first experiencing the magnificent views. If you move further inland you could rent a villa near to the cities of Sicilian Baroque where art abounds. There are also two stunning beaches here well worth a visit, which are Donnalucata and Sampieri.

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