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Minecraft Is Totally Awesome

For such a simple concept, Minecraft has become one of the most popular online games in recent years. Not only can you play the basic game where you build stuff using blocks and resources, but in addition to the general landscaping. There is a minecraft server list, giving you almost unlimited terrain and play style options. You can choose from three game modes, survival, where you are basically building your little town as quickly as possible and defending it from all comers, maintaining your hunger and health level. There is creative mode, where you are free to do what you choose in your virtual landscape, with unlimited resources. You don’t have to worry about your health or your hunger level, and you can fly around your world to your heart’s content. Then there is hardcore mode. This is basically the same as survival mode on steroids. You have to take care of your hunger and health, all while fighting of both environmental monsters as well as other players. You can’t respawn when you get killed, and have to start your world all over again when you die. This is a sandbox type game, no matter which of the three mods you are working on, meaning that there are no specific goals.

This game genre is less than a decade old, so it’s relatively new. It came out in 2009, by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, a Swedish game programmer, but published by Majang. It came out in May of that year, just the basic version that you could download onto your computer. 2011 was when the game really kicked into overdrive. Android released a phone app version in October, and then in November a full version was released to the public market, with an iOS version also coming out that month. The very next year it was released as an Xbox LIve arcade game.

Over the short few years Minecraft has become quite popular and has won many video game awards. Some of these include the best joystick award, best new downloadable game, and even the grand prize from Seumas McNally. Thousands of people are downloading this game every year, so many that it has expanded to many different realms, which you can find on the minecraft server list . You can choose from literally hundreds of different worlds among the three modes. There is space related Minecraft, Dwarves vs Zombies, and raiding worlds, just to name a few. You can play online or offline, depending on the server, and you choices.

So why has Minecraft become so popular over the years? There are a number of different reasons. It is simple, so people can escape their complex lives, yet intricate, so you are not just playing some mindless game. You can do almost anything in your world, yet you have to deal with game related monsters who are trying to destroy everything you worked hard to create. You also have to deal with other players when playing online, who are trying to make what’s your’s theirs. In most cases it is free, so you don’t have to worry about spending more money on some computer game. It is fairly easy to get into, and with the mobile apps, can be played just about anywhere, any time. If you are bored waiting at the airport, you can just open up the app and pass the time away. If you are at work and have a few moments you can escape from the corporate world and do whatever you want. You can play by yourself, or against other people, or even your friends if they are on the same server. It is definitely much different than many of the social media games available online these days.

There are just too many good things about Minecraft to mention here. You can go to the Minecraft server list and find out more information, or even get started right away on your own adventure. The website is www.minepick.com.

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