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iPhone 6 Features and Advantages

There have been so many rumors about the iPhone 6 release date and the specifications of the new Apple development. Several announcements have been made about the possible release date but Apple fans still lack official information.

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors
Several reputable sources claim that October 15 is going to be the big date. Apple launched the iPhone 5S on September 20, leading to a line of 1417 people outside the company’s store in New York. Traditionally, the company launches one generation per year, followed by a hardware update. Still, there are rumors that the iPhone 6 launch date could come soon after the release of iPhone 5s.

September has been a big month for the company, with the new iOS 7 being released on September 18. When it comes to the iPhone 6, we will simply have to wait and see whether the rumors hold any truth.

iPhone 6 Processor and iOS
Some specifications of the new Apple smartphone have already been announced. iPhone 6 will come with the new iOS 7. Upon its launch, the new system was subjected to some criticism because of the major departure from the original iOS concept.

Designed by Jony Ive, iOS 7 has a completely new interface, which looks more modern and cleaner than the previous versions. Some other new features include the availability of a control center, a today view, notification center pull-down menu and an AirDrop functionality that allows for the easy wireless internet transfer of files.

There will be processor upgrades, as well. The new phone is expected to be powered by A7 quad-core processor. This processor will be faster, while saving on battery life. Apple has always demonstrated interest in prolonging the battery life of its products, which makes the switch to a new processor very plausible.

Design and Functional Specs
The display is going to be one of the big changes with the size of the phone remaining the same but the screen size getting optimized. According to some preliminary announcements, the new design will add approximately 0.5 inch to the size of the display.

Apple could have possibly made the change to enter a new market and to become a better competition for a range of smartphones like Galaxy 3S and Nexus 4 that have a much larger screen size than iPhone 5.

The new display is also expected to have graphene cover. This crystalline form of carbon is structurally similar to diamonds, which makes it very tough and scratch-resistant. At the same time, grapheme is very clear and very light, which turns it into the perfect material for a smartphone cover.

The casing of the phone itself is going to be more durable and lighter than the one of the iPhone 5. The new generation will benefit from aluminum and carbon casing that is nearly 40 percent lighter and 60 percent stronger than the materials used in the making of the iPhone 5. The NeverWet waterproof coating is adding another great feature to the casing of the phone.

Price and Other Features
The new generation of Apple smartphone will come with a number of improvements and design changes that differentiate it from the previous releases. As such, the iPhone 6 is expected to be costlier. There have been no official announcements yet but the launch price is probably going to be higher than the one of iPhone 5.

Some other interesting features that deserve to be mentioned include gaze detection technology that is to optimize battery life, a significantly improved 12-megapixel camera, a plausible 128GB storage and a fingerprint sensor .

More details about the iPhone 6 will become public as the launch date approaches. So far, it has become clear that the new phone will impress with its display and the new iOS 7. Time will tell whether Apple fans will be happy with the new product.

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