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Hello Web Inspector, Goodbye Firebug:

The only thing that was stopping me from making a full migration to Chrome was the excellent Firefox web developer’s add-on Firebug. Any decent web designer/developer will tell how powerful and time saver Firebug is. Webkit powered browser’s like Safari and Chrome also comes with a built-in web developer’s tool called Web Inspector, which is decent but lacks a lot of great features available with Firebug.

With the recent Web Inspector update, available on webkit nightlies, they just might have one-upped firebug with some great new features. Since both Chrome and Safari runs on webkit, its only a matter of time before this becomes officially available to your webkit powered browser, in the meantime you can use the nightlies to get a taste of the new Web Inspector.


Some of the new features includes:

– Editing Element and Style Properties.
– Custom CSS Rules and Selector
– CSS Color Representations
– DOM Storage
– Keyboard Shortcuts
– View Cookies information
– Event Listeners
– Syntax Highlighting
– Debugging Ajax

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