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Headway App Review

What does Headway App do?

If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your reading habits, Headway is the app for you. It provides 15-minute excerpts from various titles and uses a recall technique to help you remember the insights. If you’re looking for money management advice, for example, you can use the app’s filters to narrow down the list. Headway shows you a list of books related to money management. In addition to providing book summaries, the app also has inspirational widgets.

Headway is similar to Blinkist, another app that offers 15-minute summaries of non-fiction tomes. The app’s features are similar, but differentiate themselves from Blinkist. For example, the latter features inspirational Home Screen widgets. Headway features a month-long “personal growth challenge” and challenges that make reading fun and engaging. If you have limited time, either app might be for you.

The Headway app offers many features that most users would expect from a self-guided app, but it doesn’t come with a tutorial. Instead, you’ll find three short descriptions of what each feature does. While these are useful, you’ll have to apply the information yourself – and Headway requires a significant amount of effort on your part to be effective. You’ll also have to remember the instructions if you want to use the app efficiently.

The Headway app is designed for busy people. It lets you create your own tagging system and save books as favorites. The app also downloads text summaries for any book you’ve read. You can even read these offline if you’re not connected to the Internet. A small blue banner at the bottom of the screen allows you to continue reading the last summary or highlight important parts. This feature is great for people who struggle to read a lot, but don’t want to give up on reading.


This app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay to access the full content. It contains 4,000-plus book outlines and 15-minute summaries. The app works like a self-help tape, as it filters books according to your goal. If you’re interested in improving your finances, for example, you can search for books related to money management. For the free version, you’ll only get a small sample, but you can add the book to your library and start listening to it at any time.

The Headway app is similar to Blinkist, another popular nonfiction reading app. Both apps offer summaries of non-fiction books in 15 minutes. The difference lies in Headway’s Home Screen widgets and monthly “personal growth challenge” program. The app may not be for everyone, but it’s a great option for those who don’t have a lot of free time to spend reading non-fiction texts.

The Headway app is a great way to learn more about a book. The app has a huge collection of nonfiction book summaries and audio versions of every fifteen-minute read. It’s great for studying during breaks or while on the road. You won’t need to have an internet connection to use the app. You can even download individual audio files if you don’t have an active internet connection. With Headway, you’ll never be short of knowledge.


The app provides 15-minute summaries of some of the world’s best nonfiction books and includes inspirational widgets to motivate users. Headway is a great way to get key points of a book while doing your daily routine. It offers actionable tips and techniques that have been proven to improve life in a variety of fields. You can read Headway while doing your daily tasks, from cooking to cleaning.

Unlike some other reading apps, Headway is available on both Android and iOS. It features summaries of books written by renowned authors. The app also includes introductory information and other key ideas from these books. Users can also download these books for offline reading and listening. Headway is a paid app, but it does offer free trials, so it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves to read.

The Key Ideas feature in Headway Books allows users to learn about the books they want to read. These summaries are presented in a concise, intuitive format. Whether you’re looking to learn a book from its summary or want to read the full text, the app has it covered. You can use the audiobook feature to listen to the book or listen to it as an audiobook. The key idea summaries are designed to help you focus on the important ideas, while you read the book.

While both Blinkist and Headway offer free and premium versions of their summaries, users’ access is limited with free accounts. Blinkist has more titles than Headway, and is more comprehensive in terms of its selection. Depending on your needs, you may find that Headway has a greater diversity of titles. If you’re interested in reading nonfiction titles, it’s a great option to try it out.

Is the Headway App Helpful?

The app distinguishes itself by offering inspirational Home Screen widgets, along with a month-long “personal growth challenge.” For people who do not have the time to read, this might be a more practical solution than reading full-length books.

In the app, you can find 15-minute excerpts and book summaries of titles that have the potential to help you reach your goal. The interface feels similar to the one you might find on self-help tapes, and the app can be used to find books by category. For example, if you’re looking to improve your money management skills, the app will display titles relating to this topic. The app also filters books by goal, making it easier to find titles that will suit your specific needs.

Despite its limitations, Headway’s tagging system is highly customizable. Users can create their own tags, save books as favorites, and download audiobooks from Goodreads. In addition, the app automatically downloads text summaries and allows you to read them offline. A small blue banner will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that you can continue reading the last summary or highlight. The app provides recommendations based on your personal interests and reading habits.

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