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Handling the Maintenance Issues of Your Portable Air Conditioner

Like all types of air conditioners, a portable air conditioner will have a wide range of issues from insufficient cooling capacity despite being set on the highest setting to inability to turn on despite repeated stabs at the power button. But don’t despair just yet. There may be hope in rescuing your portable unit!

Start with Maintenance and Safety

Of course, many of the air conditioner issues are the result of the lack of proper maintenance measures applied on the unit.

  • Clean the filters on a regular basis, which will improve air flow, provide more cooling capacity, and keep the coils clean.
  • Clean out the tank, pump and tubing of the portable air conditioner, if necessary. Doing so will remove the slimy stuff that can cause blockage as well as keep the spot cooler in tiptop operating mode.
  • Clean the cabinet to keep it looking brand new as well as to prevent the buildup of dirt, dust and grime that can compromise the unit’s durability. Looks matter as much as efficiency in any home appliance, after all.

Better yet, hire a professional air conditioning technician for these maintenance steps.

Of course, you must also place the unit in a safe place. Kids and adults knocking down the portable air conditionerone time too many can result in these issues, if not completely wreck the unit over time.

Be sure to check on the placement of wire, too. Keep it out of the way to prevent the risks of someone tripping over the wire and, thus, knocking over the unit yet again.

Know the Problems and Solutions

But even with proper maintenance, something is bound to happen because of mechanical breakdown. Here are a few problems and their possible solutions.

  • Insufficient cooling

Consider the size of the unit in relation to the ambient temperature. Keep in mind that the unit can only provide supplemental cooling for large areas or primary cooling for a small room like a bedroom. As such, its insufficient cooling capacity may well be due to its insufficient capacity in relation to the size of the room and its extreme ambient temperature.

The solution: Find a match between the cooling capacity of the portable air conditioner and the size of the room where it will be placed in. Check the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard, place the unit where it can provide efficient cooling, and then stick with the match, so to speak.

  • Inability to start

Few causes result in the inability of the portable air conditioner to power up. First, start by checking that the power cord itself has no visible damage and that it is correctly plugged in to an electrical outlet.

Second, check the circuit breaker and wall plug for any sign of damage. You can then try either resetting the circuit in the breaker box or changing the outlet or socket.

But when all else fails, call in a licensed electrician.

  • No cooling

There are several reasons that a portable air conditioning unit will not provide the cooling air expected of it. Fortunately, there are DIY solutions, too.

First, check the filter and then clean it of possible clogs. Second, check evaporator for clogs and make sure that it is not frosted over; check the condenser coils, too. Third, ensure that the room’s ambient temperature is lower than the unit’s set temperature as the imbalance between the two can prevent cooling.

But when the air conditioner still fails to function as expected, the compressor may be malfunctioning and/or the fan motor may have blown. In these cases, seek professional assistance for best results on repairs.

In the end, it is always best to seek the professional assistance of qualified portable air conditioner technicians to enjoy the best cooling capacity from the appliance. The money you pay will be well worth the services you are provided with.

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