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Getting to Know the E-Cigarette from Actual Customers

Interested individuals will certainly acquire useful information about products and services from reading actual customer reviews. This is also true when reading real electronic cigarette review stories, most of which have favorable perspectives for good reasons. Let’s take a look at the what, why and how of electronic cigarettes as gleaned from sites like Electronic Cigarette Tree with its review on the Green Smoke product.

Like a Cigarette But Not Quite

An electronic cigarette – or e-cigarette for short – is the electronic equivalent of a conventional cigarette and, thus, there are similarities and differences. A few of these are:

  • Components

Like a conventional cigarette, an e-cigarette has distinct parts – the filter, tobacco and wrapping paper for the former as well as the rechargeable lithium battery, vaporization chamber and cartridge for the latter. Obviously, a cigarette can be easily disposed of after smoking since it is made from materials that burn while an e-cigarette can be used multiple times.

  • Appearance

We all know what a conventional cigarette looks like – a thin rolled piece of paper with tobacco in between its folds and a filter at the end as the mouthpiece. In contrast, an electronic cigarette may or may not look like a conventional cigarette although it must be said that most manufacturers make e-cigarettes that closely mimic their traditional counterparts. Reading several real electronic cigarette review stories reveals that customers are most likely to purchase e-cigarettes that can be mistaken for conventional cigarettes if not for the obvious plastic casing.

  • Use

In terms of use, a conventional cigarette is lit using a combustion source such as a match or a Zippo lighter to produce smoke while an e-cigarette only requires a fully charged built-in battery to generate vapor. When it comes to the usual actions of dragging and puffing, however, both types of cigarettes work in a similar manner. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why e-cigarettes were previously marketed as smoking cessation devices – users can enjoy similar sensory experiences without the inhalation of toxic substances like tar.

Many of the real electronic cigarette review stories highlight these similarities and differences between these two products. Ultimately, the decision to get on the e-cigarette bandwagon or stay with the cigarette bandwagon is a personal decision. This is especially true for individuals who are already addicted to the smell, taste and feel of cigarettes but all is not lost because many good things can be enjoyed from using e-cigarettes in lieu of conventional cigarettes.

From the above mentioned discussion on the similarities and differences between these two products, the following aspects of e-cigarettes start to make sense.

Not Tobacco But Liquid

Instead of dried tobacco leaves, an e-cigarette contains a liquid formula to generate the smoke – or more appropriately, the vapor associated with the act of smoking. Think of it: No tobacco, no carcinogenic substances, and no secondhand smoke, all of which have been proven harmful to human health. The toxic substances in conventional cigarettes include like tar, arsenic, ammonia, carbon monoxide, butane, acetone, DDT, and formaldehyde.


From reading the real electronic cigarette review stories, the following observations about the liquid solution can be made:

  • It comes with the starter kit so the e-cigarette can be used right out of the box, so to speak.
  • It can be refilled multiple times; just purchase the refills from the online site where the e-cigarette kit was initially purchased.
  • It comes in several flavors including but not limited to vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, cherry, chocolate and peach as well as tobacco in varying strengths from regular to extra strength. Name the flavors you want and a manufacturer has most likely come up with several variations so much so that the excitement of buying from sites featuring both real electronic cigarette review stories ( http://www.electroniccigarettetree.com/green-smoke-review ) and the actual products is in choosing from among the dozens of delicious flavors. Think candy store for adults.

What is exactly in the liquid formula?

  • Propylene glycol (PG), a diluents used food and pharmaceutical products
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG), a diluter and stabilizer widely used in the food manufacturing industry
  • Nicotine, a simple alkaloid extracted from tobacco leaves and available in varying strengths from mild to extra strength. (Many brands of e-cigarette also exclude nicotine from their formulation)
  • Flavorings, which are obviously added to enhance the vaping – as using an e-cigarette is called – experience

Not Smoke But Steam

The resulting vapor – or steam – when dragging and puffing on an e-cigarette comes from the liquid formula. Instead of the process of combustion generating the vapor, as is the case with smoking a conventional cigarette, an e-cigarette relies on the process of vaporization.

Basically, the battery and the vaporization chamber are connected such that the former provides the power to the latter to heat the liquid formula. When the liquid formula reaches the desired temperature, it will become the vapor that e-cigarette enthusiasts are familiar with.

Of course, dragging on the e-cigarette is necessary to produce a continuous stream of vapor. This is truly smoking, so to speak, at its best – look, Ma, no burnt tobacco, no unpleasant smell, and no gritty smoke! A quick read of the real electronic cigarette review stories http://www.electroniccigarettetree.com/ can attest to it.

Not a Smoking Cessation Device But It Can Be

In previous years, electronic cigarettes were marketed as smoking cessation devices but this is not so today – well, at least, reliable manufacturers have largely ceased to do so. Still, the idea that e-cigarettes can be smoking cessation devices has taken firm hold in the market and many consumers have attested to such purpose.

Think about it: An e-cigarette provides for similar sensory experiences as a conventional cigarette but without the harmful substances. Other methods of smoking cessation like nicotine replacement therapy and medications do not provide for such benefit.

Of course, reading electronic cigarette reviews also provides for other benefits aside from the above mentioned information about the product. You will also be able to make informed choices about the best brand of e-cigarette for your personal use; keep in mind that there are dozens of brands in the market today. Your choice will significantly contribute to your pleasure in using e-cigarettes.

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