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Getting Ready for a Trip to Asia: Planning Your Vacation

The diversity and the rich cultural heritage of Asian countries bring many travelers to the continent. Are you organizing your first tip to an Asian country? If so, you will have to do a little bit of preliminary planning. To enjoy your vacation or trip, you will need to pick the right destination and do a bit of research about visa requirements, accommodation, dining out and sightseeing.

Why are Asian Countries Popular Destinations?
According to the Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2013, Bangkok, Tokyo,
Beijing, Shanghai and Chiang Mai have reached positions among the top 25 of the best world destinations.

Asia holds the world’s highest point – Mount Everest. It is the home of wide range of other incredible natural and cultural miracles – the Dead Sea, the Great Wall of China, Lake Baikal, Petra and Taj Mahal are just some of the places that need to be mentioned.

This incredible mix of culture, hospitality, beautiful nature and exotic cuisine brings so many visitors to Asian countries. Each place has its specific appeal that attracts a particular crowd of international visitors. When getting ready for a trip to Asia, you will first need to get some clarity about the country or countries you are most interested in exploring. You can get more useful information at https://www.facebook.com/flightmajorinc.

The Top Travel Destinations in Asia
According to Tripadvisor, the most popular Asian destinations in 2013 were Bangkok in Thailand, Tokyo in Japan, Beijing and Shanghai in China, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Chiang Mai in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Dubai, Jordan, Israel and Vietnam have so much to offer, as well. Some places are renowned for their modernity and shopping possibilities, others retain their traditional appeal. The fact that everybody can discover something fun and exciting to see or do in Asian counties increases their appeal as travel destinations.

Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Holiday
Start by choosing your transportation method. The earlier you get started, the more possibilities you will have. If you are looking for affordable airplane tickets, you can rely on websites like http://cheapbusinessclasstickets.com.au/.

Getting a visa and the needed documents for the trip is the next aspect you will need to dedicate some time to. The embassies of Asian countries can assist you and provide detailed information about the requirements and the processing time.

Now you are ready to start exploring accommodation possibilities. Most of the popular travel destinations have a variety of accommodation options for travelers to enjoy. These range from spectacularly luxurious resorts to private villas and affordable hostels. You will often be capable of booking and paying for your stay online.

The final aspect you should focus on involves the cultural differences. The language barrier could be a bit of a challenge. Learning some basic phrases and knowing how to ask for assistance is going to make your stay more fun. Staff in hotels, restaurants and other popular tourism spots will usually speaks English.

Foreigners will often be quoted prices that are much higher than the ones for locals. This is a very common phenomenon in many Asian countries. Haggling can be a very enjoyable part of the shopping experience. The differences in living standards and the poverty in many countries make local people view tourists as “rich.” Show some understanding and refrain from getting annoyed about the asking prices.

Choose the cultural, natural and historic sites you want to explore in Asia and focus your efforts on choosing the right transportation method and hotel for your stay. Preparing for your trip to Asia will help you make the most of this travel opportunity.

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