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Garcinia Cambogia For Increased Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia extract or hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is a popular ingredient found in most weight loss products because of its many benefits. It is extracted from the rind of the small fruit that is shaped like a pumpkin and grown on trees in tropical regions of both India and Asia.


Garcinia cambogia is popularly used in suppressing appetite, prevention of fat formation in the body, lowering of cholesterol and triglyceride levels and for improving the mood by increasing serotonin production. It also helps in reducing cravings and emotional eating and also reduces cortisol levels which in turn reduce belly fat.

Garcinia cambogia is a fat blocker as it inhibits the enzyme citrate lysase, which converts carbohydrates into triglycerides, fat and cholesterol. Not only does the extract prevent fat formation, but it also converts carbohydrates into glycogen which provides energy to your muscles. Glycogen thus increases lean body mass which in turn burns more body fat to leave you with less fat and more of lean muscle mass.

Garcinia cambogia extract helps reduce cravings as it contains serotonin which improves your mood. In a better mood your stress, emotional eating, appetite and carb cravings are all reduced.

How to choose the right garcinia cambogia supplement

With so many supplements available in the market, it can be difficult choosing the right garcinia cambogia supplement. Reading garcinia cambogia reviews do help in making your choice as you get first-hand experience by people who have already tried the supplements.

Besides using the help of these reviews, you should look for supplements that do not have any fillers, binders or artificial ingredients, have a minimum of 50% HCA and contain potassium and calcium for increased absorption. The supplement should also be manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

How to take the supplement

Garcinia cambogia extract should be taken on am empty stomach about half an hour before meals with a full glass of water. Just by taking garcinia cambogia twice or thrice a day you start losing more weight than people who don’t take the supplement.

Moreover, you need not change your diet or exercise pattern to achieve this; you can lose about ten pounds a month with the help of the right garcinia cambogia supplement.


It is recommended to take 300-1000 mg garcinia cambogia extract thrice a day, starting from the low dosage first. While some people may take total daily dosages ranging from 1500mg to 3000mg per day, the dosage should never exceed 3000mg per day without a physician’s consent.

Safety and interactions

Generally, garcinia cambogia extract is safe to be taken by healthy adults not experiencing any medical condition and not taking prescription medications. However it is not advised for children and pregnant and nursing mothers and people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia as HCA can form acetylcholine to interfere with your medications. People suffering from diabetes mellitus should also avoid these supplements as HCA can reduce blood sugar.

Garcinia cambogia should not be mixed with blood pressure, heart or cholesterol medications or stimulant supplements. It should not be taken with statin medications like atorvastatin calcium as it only increases the risk of rhabdomyolysis.

Possible side effects

While there are no side effects related with garcinia cambogia, in case there are any reactions like hives, swelling of the tongue or throat or rash on taking the supplement, immediately discontinue and consult a physician.

As with any supplement, it is better to first discuss the supplement with your physician or health care provider before starting it, especially if you take prescription medications.

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