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Five Takeaway Information from Derm Exclusive Reviews

Even a quick browse of Derm Exclusive reviews will reveal that these anti-aging products are favored by many in the beauty industry for good reasons. Its main proponent, Dr. Andrew Ordon, a noted plastic surgeon known for his expertise in the field as showcased in his hosting jobs on The Doctors, has placed his name behind the product line obviously because of its efficacy. Its main spokesperson/model, Minnie Driver, a noted Hollywood actress also known for her ageless beauty, has also attested to the efficacy of the products in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, in fading away age spots, and in restoring skin radiance, among others. Of course, the Derm Exclusive reviews from customers are the best proof of the pudding, so to speak.

#1 Get the Complete Set

Customers assert that the best results come from purchasing all of the products in the anti-aging line. This is understandable considering that these products from the cleansers and moisturizers to the serums and microdermabrasion pads are formulated to complement each other, thus, boosting the results.

For example, the main ingredients of Derm Exclusive products like Argireline and Myoxinol are in both the moisturizers so using these products means reinforced hydration. This is also true for the other ingredients including Matrixyl 3000, which stimulates collagen production; glycolic acid, which gently removes dead skin cells; and Ultrasomes, which speeds up repair on damaged skin, among others.

Yes, many of the authors of the Derm Exclusive reviews say that buying all of the products in the anti-aging line will cost a pretty penny than when buying just one or two. But the price is well worth the effects of smoother, suppler and healthier skin with a beautiful glow.

#2 Be Careful About Increased Sun Sensitivity

But a caveat must be mentioned when using two of the products in the Derm Exclusive line, said products of which are the Intensive Repair Serum and the Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads. These products contain substances that may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun’s rays especially among individuals with already sensitive skin.

Fortunately, such skin sensitivity can be lessened, if not avoided. Apply liberal amounts of sunscreen and limit sun exposure to the early morning hours only when using these two products for the first week of usage.

#3 Individual Results Are to Be Expected

As previously stated, most of the Derm Exclusive reviews are favorable in the sense that the products have been proven effective in lessening and warding off the visible signs of skin aging. But individual results should be expected as each person’s skin has unique qualities in terms of chronological age, physical condition, and stresses that it has been and continues to be subjected to like cigarette smoke.

Yes, the Derm Exclusive products will lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but these results will not give laser treatments, face lifts and other plastic surgery methods a run for their money. A healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle daily program is also a must in achieving and maintaining the results from the regular and proper use of the products.

#4 Suitable for All Skin Types

The authors of the Derm Exclusive reviews also assert that the products are suitable for all skin types including normal, oily and combination skin. It must be emphasized, nonetheless, that your skin may react differently to the products since it requires time to adjust to the ingredients. No worries – you can lessen the frequency of use and gradually work up to the recommended dosage.

#5 Easy and Secure Payment and Shipment Methods

The products are shipped within the promised delivery time, which varies depending on your location and your chosen address. Orders with physical addresses will be shipped via FedEX and will arrive at their destination in 2-5 business days. Orders shipped to PO Box addresses will be sent via USPS and will be delivered in approximately 2-3 weeks after payment.

These five takeaways from Derm Exclusive reviews should be sufficient proof that, indeed, the products are well worth every penny.

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